Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer Gives More Weight To Immersion Than Visuals In Next-Gen

We’re likely to get more information about the Xbox Series X in the coming weeks, but Phil Spencer has been talking up their next-gen console elsewhere, too. He was one of the speakers at the GameLab Live event, and he spoke about the Xbox Series X’s capabilities.

Xbox Series X Is An Extremely Powerful Console

The Xbox Series X is a beast of a console. Microsoft likely wants to avoid the criticisms they got for the Xbox One. That console was fairly underpowered when it first launched. So, Spencer was naturally quizzed about what kinds of experiences players can expect from their next-gen console.

“This is always a difficult question because I know people are looking for the one, two or three tech that only show up on a certain platform or is only made possible on a certain platform,” he said according to


Xbox Series X May Not Offer Drastic Visual Improvements Over Current Consoles

Spencer doesn’t think we can make too much progress in terms of the visuals, though. He thinks we’ve reached a saturation point in that department. “We’re able to get to almost lifelike graphics today, even on current gen in certain instances,” he said.

However, that doesn’t mean the next generation of consoles won’t have something new to offer. He specifically brought up the fact that the Xbox Series X’s power could allow for more immersive experiences.


More Immersive Experiences Possible Thanks To The Xbox Series X’s Capabilities

He specifically thinks the Xbox Series X will deliver improvements in terms of frame rate or input lag. “I don’t know that it goes from X to Y in terms of feature capability, but definitely in terms of the feeling of immersion in the content that’s being created right now, I think we’re going to come to a really great future where stories will have even more feeling and impact,” he said.

Microsoft already has the most powerful console on the market with the Xbox One X. They’ll likely keep that title with the Xbox Series X when it goes up against the PS5. However, all that power will come at a cost.

Sony hasn’t yet unveiled the PS5 price. They’re likely waiting on Microsoft to put a price tag out first so that they can undercut them. Regardless, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are going to be expensive systems.

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