Get the Most Out of Your Instagram: Unlock the Secrets to Gaining More IG Likes

The Insta platform is one you should know about if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • Influencers who are working on getting noticed in a particular niche and gaining likes for Instagram;
  • Companies that have created social media profiles to entice more customers to buy from them;
  • Movie stars, TV stars, musicians, politicians, or other celebrities of note.

Any of these individuals or entities can gain traction through IG and get noticed. Many people and businesses do it, and by doing so, they can monetize their endeavors and Instagram hearts. That’s usually the endgame if you’re launching an account on this platform.

How Can You Tell Your Account is Catching On?

Anyone who doesn’t know about Insta may be uncertain about how to tell whether they’re gaining popularity. If you’re someone like this, you’ll want to look at specific metrics you may check using the various tools that IG provides. You might look at the following:

  • How many Instagram likes you have;
  • How many adherents you have gained;
  • How many people are commenting on what you’re posting;
  • The number of shares you are getting with each post.

If more IG likes are on your mind, you can visit to buy 50 Instagram likes at a low price. Insta hearts are probably the most vital metric, and it’s the one we’ll focus on for most of this article.

The audience, double taps, comments, and shares all indicate you’re becoming better established as well. As your numbers go up, you’ll get noticed more since your profile will rise to the top of the search engine ranking positions. These are sometimes abbreviated as SERPs, and they’re a key SEO (abbr. from “search engine optimization”) component.

Now, let’s go over some strategies for getting more of those Instagram likes that you need so much.

Boost the Number of Likes You Have By Buying Some

A moment ago, we mentioned buying IG likes. The purchase of a package of Instagram hearts is something that’s always available to you, and you shouldn’t feel strange about doing that. Businesses of all kinds do it, and celebrities or anyone who wants to kick their online presence into high gear. Companies selling hearts for Insta can help you with one of the positive metrics the algorithm uses to lift your profile up the rankings.

The IG algorithm is similar to the one that Google and other search engines use. If it notices that you have more Instagram likes, it reasons that more people enjoy what you’re posting. Since your page is more famous for your niche or industry, your profile is liable to pop up when people search for specific terms or keyword phrases on Insta.

That’s how spending some money can give you a significant leg up on your competitors who are creating similar content. If you’ve got a bit of money in your operating budget, this is something ingenious to spend it on.

Take and Post the Most Amazing Images

When you’re thinking about other ways to get more likes for Instagram, coming up with original photos and videos and posting them must also be at the top of your best practices list. Consider getting authentic images and videos of the following:

  • Your products getting to store shelves;
  • The manufacturing process;
  • Behind the scenes looks at the way you make your products.

These all apply if you’re running an IG page for a company that makes physical products. If you’re an individual rather than a corporation, you’ll want the following instead:

  • Images of you that are artistic or sensationalistic;
  • Intimate portraits of you at your most vulnerable;
  • List of favorite movies;
  • Tantalizing publications that reveal what your personal life is all about to garner more likes for Instagram.

You want to tailor your content according to whether you’re running an account for a business or yourself. Either way, you can follow certain rules since universalities apply in either case.

You need to post completely original, high-quality images and videos to accumulate the maximum possible number of Instagram likes. If you’re not able to get those shots yourself, hire a professional to do it. You need to post only videos and pictures that are of cinematic quality.

Leverage the Takeover

You can also use the takeover concept. You’re ostensibly running your IG account most of the time, but you can also let someone take it over for a few hours or a couple of days.

You can let a collaborator take over the profile if you’re running a business. If you’re the frontman of a band, you might let the drummer run the page for a weekend while your band performs at a festival. Sharing posts from popular events is a great way to dramatically increase the stats, and Instagram likes in particular, in the short-term.

You probably want someone well-known or noteworthy to take over the account to get more hearts for IG. Getting a cashier to do it if you run a business probably won’t attract much attention. Handing the reins to someone famous is a much better way to stir up some interest and get those likes for Instagram to come pouring in.

Pick a Time and Stick with It

You should also select a time and always post right then every day. You should study your audience and see what time it’s liable to be home. Posting new IG content at a time when your adherents are the most active makes it more likely that they will notice it and interact with it bringing you the desired amount of likes for Instagram.

Doing this:

  • Makes your posts on Insta feel more episodic, like a TV show that always comes on at the same time;
  • Lets your supporters savor your posts and builds up their anticipation;
  • Lets you know a schedule by which you must produce new publications to increase your chances of obtaining a large number of hearts for IG.

Tools like Hootsuite will let you set up a schedule by which you can post new content. It’s wise to get into this habit.

Don’t Let Too Much Time Elapse Between Posts

One final thing that might garner more Instagram likes for you is to buckle down and create new publications several times each week. Multiple posts per day might be too much for you to handle, and people might get sick of your posts. Posting several times per week should be just right, though.

Don’t let many days or even weeks go by without posting anything on your profile. Show your audience that you’re dedicated to connecting with them through this platform. If you don’t do that, they will quickly lose interest and stop bringing you IG hearts, whether you are a celebrity or not. Remember that there are always others in your niche who are going to post new content even when you don’t.

These rules are relatively easy to follow, but they should bring about some great results for you. Insta can allow you to reap some significant benefits if you commit yourself to it.


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