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George Floyd: The Prime Accused Cop Submits Plea To Dismiss Murder Charges Against Him. Will It Be Considered?

George Floyd who was killed mercilessly under police custody is still far away from getting justice. As the prime accused police officer Derek Chauvin has submitted a plea to dismiss the murder charges.

Accused In George Floyd Killing Wants Murder Charges To Be Dismissed

Derek Chauvin, former officer in the Minneapolis Police, who is the prime accuse in the merciless killing of George Floyd has made an earnest request to the judge. And as a part of his plea he has asked the judge to free him from the charges of murder. Also he has submitted his plea officially with proper paper work.

George Floyd
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Chauvin is the prime accused in the case because he was the one who caused the death of George Floyd. As he knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes thus suffocating him to death. Along with him there were three other officers J Alexander Kueng, Thomas Kiernan Lane and Tou Thao.

And all of them have been fired from the police force. But Chauvin being the prime accused is facing charges of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second -degree manslaughter.

His attorney while submitting the plea has said that the murder charges against Chauvin should be dismissed. But this cannot termed as a murder. As George Floyd was under the police custody and there was warrant against him.

Will The Plea Be Considered?

Well the cruel killing of George Floyd has cause mass anti-racist movements in many nations. As his cruel death has been termed as a result of racial hatred. Therefore people are demanding justice for him. And thus severe punishments for the accused Police Officers.

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George Floyd
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And that is actually justified. Because no any police officer has the right to misuse their power. And the way George Floyd was killed inhumanly by Chauvin cannot be forgiven at any case. Therefore there are less chances that his plea to dismiss the murder charges against him will even be considered.

Because it will be against the law. As everyone is eagerly waiting for the accused to get the punishment they deserve.

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