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The Antifa Leader ‘Commander Red’ Booked By The Cops For Igniting Violence In Peaceful Rally Sheds ‘Tears’ When Arrested.

Antifa leader who aimed at igniting violence during Black Lives Matter rally was arrested by the cops. But the 23 year old boy broke down in tears near the cops.

Antifa Leader Aimed To Ignite Violence Sheds Tears When arrested

The antifa leader is a 23 year old boy named Matthew Banta and he is also known as ‘Commander Red. And he was arrested for trying to ignite violence in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally in Wisconsin. Actually the cops caught him carrying a flamethrower. And it was surely aimed at the ongoing rally.

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But when the antifa leader was caught he began to cry. As per the sources Matthew just got into a fetal positing and started crying. Hereby alleging that a police officer tried to physically hurt them by getting on top of him.

But according to the cops Matthew was not saying the truth.

The History Of Matthew Banta

Banta is a resident of Neena and has a long history of violence. As he has been a part of the antifa group that ignites violence in peaceful rallies. Moreover he is also known as one of the most violent antifa leaders.

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Talking about the antifa groups, they are basically formed by the group of people who are obsessed with White Supremacy.

And he is arrested for trying to destroy public properties and also for trying to harm people during the rally. According to the cops there have been several complaints against Banta.  Moreover he had also pointed a loading gun at a cop and has reportedly tried to harm the cops in the previous protests.

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Therefore Banta’s  allegations on the cops who arrested him was completely baseless. And he just wanted to get away with this violent act.  Thus he and the members of his antifa group shouldn’t be spared. So that they don’t try to ignite anymore violence during peaceful rallies.

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