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More Than 1,000 University Students Test Positive After Classes Resume. - The Tech Education
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Covid-19 Cases Surge In Alabama: More Than 1,000 University Students Test Positive After Classes Resume.

Covid-19 cases are on rise in Alabama. As more than 1000 students test positive after the administration decided to resume classes.

Covid-19: Over 1,000 Students Test Positive In Alabama

Classes resumed in the University of Alabama on August 19. But this didn’t seem like a good idea. That is because more than 1,000 students have tested covid-19 positive in less than two weeks. The entire University of Alabama consists of three campuses and several students from these three campuses have tested positive.

Source: CNN

Therefore resuming classes amidst the pandemic has surged the Covid-19 cases in the country. Out of all the three campuses, theĀ  Tuscaloosa campus has recorded the highest number of cases among the students.

The Administration’s Response

Well questions are being raised by the citizens on why the administration decided to resume classes amidst the pandemic. And that too when the Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Parents are also at rage because this decision of reopening the university has put their children in danger.

Source: seattlepi.com

But the Administrative body of the University of Alabama has given their clarification. In their statement they have mentioned that the classes were resumed after taking care of all the health protocols.

Moreover Dr. Ricky Friend, Dean of College Of Community Heath Sciences of University of Alabama has said that they are sure that the disease has not spread from person to person in class. As they have taken all the necessary protocols.

Therefore there are chances that they students have caught the virus from somewhere outside the campus. The President of the University of Alabama Stuart Bell has given strict orders to everyone to wear masks and social distancing on the campus.

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Therefore the authority is sure that they are taking enough precautionary measures against Covid-19. And therefore they don’t have any plans to put the classes at halt.

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