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Fox & Friends Anchors Are Biased For Trump? Said Joe’s Campaign Is A Foolish Act During This Pandemic

In the show Fox & Friends, the anchors laughed out loud when they discussed the Biden campaign meeting during this pandemic. They made a joke about his campaign and also laughed at him when Biden gave his speech. In addition to this, they also made fun of how Biden told in his speech to take necessary precautions during this pandemic.

On Tuesday, in the morning the anchors talked and discussed how Biden gave his speech on Pittsburgh. In the speech, Biden condemned Trump for the violence in the city. He blamed Trump for the violence in the city. In addition to this, he said Trump has now scared the whole American citizens.

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Pete Hegseth  From Fox & Friends Commented on Biden

Pete showed a picture on the screen and by referring to the pictures he said that there was no one who stands near Biden. He cracked this as a joke.

However, Pete then goes by asking that does joe will go to a warehouse where there will be empty circles but no people around to listen to him. He continued by saying that will Biden would still read his teleprompter for 23 meters and ask no questions to the people?.

This is how your campaign is going to be? said Pete by asking his another anchor, Brian Kilmeade.

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Brian Kilmeade Commented On Biden

Kilmead goes by asking a question that was ‘ if a huge tree falls in an empty factory, so will anyone would able to hear it?. Kilmead asked this question which made Hegseth laugh. They both laughed at the broadcasts which conveyed the message of prevention from the spread of the infection.

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Trump and Biden’s Speech

A few weeks ago, Trump placed his campaign in the city on the south lawn near the White House. He ended his speech by closing ou the RNC where he gave the precaution and also asked the people to wear a mask.

In Biden’s Democratic National Convention speech where he concluded with social distancing precautions and said he would continue with his campaign.

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