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Kevin McCarthy Warned Off The US President That His Attacks On Voting Mail Could Comeback To Him ! - The Tech Education
Kevin McCarthy Warned Off The US President
Source: theusaexpress.com
Latest Political News

Kevin McCarthy Warned Off The US President That His Attacks On Voting Mail Could Comeback To Him !

House Minister Leader warned Donald Trump that hos attack on voting mails could come back for him too as well as his Republican too in the upcoming election. I tried to show him… you know who is most afraid of Covid? Seniors, if they didn’t vote, man “we are screwed”. according to reports Published this Saturday.

The Top Republican told us that he spent hours in the outlet warning Trump that his preoccupation with slamming mail-in voting will not only him but also Republicans are running for Congress. “We could lose also on that bases,” Mccarthy told to Axios.

Mccarthy also motivates Republicans to vote by any means necessary as he campaigned for candidates in Oregon and Utah previous week, Axios NewsChannel reported.

Kevin McCarthy Warned Off The US President
Source: theusaexpress.com

But, He also agreed with Trump that there is difference between absentee and mail voting and says the latter is problematic in particular states in states without the infrastructure to handle ballots on a massive scale.

Experts do not distinguish between absentee and mail voting. Previous month only Trump and Lady Melania Trump submitted their absentee ballots in Florida but, after all the scheduled primaries. Trump has railed aganist Mail-in Voting, making unsustained claims that it leads to voter fraud and it could lead to wrong decisions.

Meanwhile, people push for mail-in voting ,  to even though ongoing coronavirus pandemic to limit crowds at the in-person location on the election day on 2020. But for now, let’s see what will the administration decide will it listen to democrats

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