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Former Jail Employees And Their Supervisor Face Charges For Playing 'Baby Shark' On Loop To Inmates -
Source: KOKH
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Former Jail Employees And Their Supervisor Face Charges For Playing ‘Baby Shark’ On Loop To Inmates

Source: Fox 5 New York

Based on several reports, two Oklahoma jail employees who no longer work in that position and their supervisor are now facing misdemeanour and cruelty charges.

This happened because investigators got to know that all three of them used to force the inmates to stand while being handcuffed for hours. A prosecutor reported on Monday that the inmates were made to listen on loop to the children’s song “Baby Shark”.

Sounds absolutely crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it is, in fact, the truth of the matter.

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Further Details On The Misdemeanour Charges


At least four inmates are known to have been secured to a wall with their hands cuffed behind them as the song played on repeat at a considerably loud volume for at least two long hours.

The Oklahoman reported that these separate occurrences happened sometime in November and December last year.

This was revealed from the records of the court.

The misdemeanour charges were filed on Monday this week against the former Oklahoma County jail employees Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles, both of the same age, i.e. 21, and their supervisor, Christopher Raymond Hendershott, who is 50-years-old.

They are charged on the grounds of cruelty towards prisoners, as well as those of corporal punishment and conspiracy charges.

What Did David Prater Reveal About The Case?

David Prater, the Oklahoma County District Attorney, revealed that “It was unfortunate that I could not find a felony statute to fit this fact scenario,”

He also adds that if it was on him, he “would have preferred filing a felony on this behaviour.”

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What Charges Are Being Levelled Against The Three Accused? Have They Been Assigned Their Respective Attorneys?

Source: Detroit News

Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles are charged on the ground of imposing the discipline. Whereas Christopher Raymond Hendershott is accused of having had knowledge of that behaviour but not doing anything to prevent it from taking place. This was reported by the Oklahoman.

Also, so far, the records of the court do not show any listing of attorneys for any one of them.

What Did Sheriff P.D. Taylor Say On The Matter? Have There Been Previous Occurrences Like This In The Oklahoma Jail? Does He Condemn The Action Of The Convicted? Here Are The Details –


On Monday, Sheriff P.D. Taylor said that Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles had resigned while they were a part of an internal investigation. Christopher Raymond Hendershott, however, has retired from his position of supervisor.

Sheriff P.D. Taylor reported that “We don’t tolerate it,”

He adds by saying that they have always done a fantastic job of policing themselves when it comes to such behaviour.

The “Baby Shark” song gained immense popularity. The video of the song was first released two years ago online by the company named ‘Pinkfong’.

Interestingly, the video, as of present, has been viewed more than 6.5 billion times worldwide. It still stands as one of the most popular tunes to help the new parents soothe their newborn babies or even toddlers.

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