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kh2, Fact Check: Trump Addresses A Campaign-Style Press Briefing To Make Several Misleading Claims In His Favour -
Donald Trump
Source: Washington Post
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Fact Check: Trump Addresses A Campaign-Style Press Briefing To Make Several Misleading Claims In His Favour

Donald Trump
Source: The New York Times

In a Labor Day press briefing, President Donald Trump gives an address while attacking his rivals. He also praises the claimed success that America has accomplished in the wake of the novel coronavirus. Trump used the campaign-style address to blurt out many false claims in support of his administration.

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Trump Lied About Federal Cases And Cancel Culture

According to CNN, several of his claims contradicts reality. The network came up with a list of the blatant lies spoken by Trump in his address.
Firstly, Trump spoke of the federal crackdown on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters who have harmed the monuments. He claims “We have now over 1,000 people, federal, in jail. We’re prosecuting many people.”
In reality, Trump’s own ‘Department of Justice’ reports that till September 2nd, about 227 people have been charged federally in various cities.
Then when it came to the issue of ‘Cancel Culture’, the President said he wants “everyone to know everything they can in history”. He also adds that he does not believe in cancel culture.
The truth is that Trump has plainly advocated “cancellations, boycotts and firings” many times for what he believes are objectionable words or actions.

Trump Also Lied About The “18 Angry Democrats” And About The Expense Of Mueller’s Investigation

Trump claims that Robert Mueller’s team, which in the US election of 2016, investigated Russian interference – consisted of “18 angry Democrats.”
Fact is that Mueller has himself been a Republican for a long time. Also, not all of the lawyers working in his team are Democrats.

The President also lied about the expense of Mueller’s investigation. He said that Mueller has spent over $48¬† million for it.

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But the Justice Department has already reported that the investigation cost $32 million. More importantly, the government is believed to recoup millions of dollars because of the investigation.

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Donald Trump
Source: The New York Times

More Of Trump’s Lies

Once again, Trump states that Vice-President Biden’s plan is to shut down the US economy on account of coronavirus.
However, Biden has never made any official or unofficial statement on the given matter. He merely said that he will be willing to call for a shut down if the scientists say that that’s the way to go.
When it comes to the coronavirus vaccine, Trump states that there is a high probability of one being approved before the election.
But the experts have revealed that it is highly unlikely. Even if a vaccine is approved, it will take many months before one can be distributed across the country.

Interestingly, Trump mentions in his address that Kamala Harris was “the most liberal person in Congress.”

The truth is that although voting records of Harris are one of the most liberal, her record preceding the Senate is considerably more moderate on some issues.

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