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Trump’s Campaign Mocked Biden For Visiting A Cemetery: Comes Under Massive Criticism

Joe Biden
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Donald Trump’s marketing campaign came under great scrutiny because they pulled a derogatory stunt on Biden. The former Vice Chairman is made fun of as he was walking along a cemetery. Biden was on his way to visit the graves of his late son, Beau Biden, his spouse Neilia Biden, and his daughter Naomi Biden.

Biden’s son died of brain cancer in the year 2015. While Neilia and Naomi Biden were killed in a car accident in 1972.

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The Alarming Tweet Made By Trump’s Campaign

The tweet comes moments after Biden comes out of St. Joseph Church in Wilmington, Delaware. He was on his way towards the cemetery while Trump was seen golfing at around the same time.

The marketing campaign’s director of strategic response, Francis Brennan, tweeted: “REPORTER: “Mr. Vice President come talk to us.” Joe Biden just keeps meandering along.”

Also, the tweet comes after the report about Trump not wanting to visit the graves of the dead U.S. troopers came into light. The President goes as far ahead as to call the deceased veterans, “losers” and “suckers”.

Donald Trump

How Did People React To The Tweet?

So what followed the tweet was a massive reaction against Francis Brennan along with the entire Trump’s campaign, in the social media platform.

The tweet by Edward-Isaac Dovere reads “In July, an RNC spokesman mockingly tweeted a photo of Biden and his dead son as a boy. Today, a Trump campaign spokesman mockingly tweeted a video of Biden visiting his son’s grave.”
Jon Cooper says that Brennan must have no soul as he tweeted something of that manner.
Fred Guttenberg, an American activist against gun violence, tweets “@FrancisBrennan, like the next President @JoeBiden, I understand what it’s like to go to a cemetery to visit your child. I actually do meander and focus on my personal grief and my daughter. What subhuman life form are you that you would tweet this & think it was a good idea?”
Similarly, Dena Obeidallah, an American comedian and the  host ‘The Dean Obeidallah Show’, tweets :”Meet Trump campaign Director of Strategic Response @FrancisBrennan mocking Joe Biden for visiting the grave of his late son who is a US military vet.” So, “It’s not just Trump- it’s the entire Trump team that hates our veterans! #TrumpHatesOurVeterans”.
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