Facebook Is Copying Twitter, Tests ‘Threads’ Feature On Select Pages

Facebook Is Copying Twitter, Tests ‘Threads’ Feature On Select Pages

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Facebook is one of the industry’s unique technology companies, yet the social media conglomerate is designated as the copycat of the technology career. 

Whenever a different product arrives in the market, Facebook Inc., unless it attempts to get the company to leverage its change to increase its demand or copies its characteristics, can control the industry for the future.

 The most up-to-date patterns of this technology are Instagram Reels, followed by TikTok, and the forthcoming Live Audio Rooms feature drawn from Clubhouse. Therefore, a copycat!

The company has been detected doing a similar job again with Twitter’s very personal ‘threads’ characteristic. ‘Threads’ is one characteristic that makes Twitter a different platform, distinct from the rest of the industry, and Facebook has started examining this characteristic on chosen pages. 

Thread is a characteristic that enables users to join their post with a past one to provide a better connection to browsers. Twitter started applying threads because of its flexible cast knowledge, but Facebook does not have that. 

Therefore, it attempts to provide users a dedicated ‘show threads’ switch to know ultimately what the user is publishing.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has affirmed the info and explained that it examines the feature with a little chosen group of ‘public appearances’ on the platform. 

The statement more states that ‘Public Figures’ is a particular Facebook page pointed at High-Profile people.

A leading cause for Facebook to examine the feature with High Profile people could be that they changed society and would have more news to share on the platform, which can be attached using threads, supporting minor News Feed post updates preferably than extended ones.

The company has yet not verified whether the characteristic is here to visit or not and if it seems, when can we assume the innovative feature to be turned out openly. 

Facebook Inc. deals tirelessly with charges of being included in the range of misinformation on the social media site. Naturally, the social media titan is doing everything in its potential to control the problem.

Therefore, for reporters or lawmakers, stars, people in the industry, or any High Net-worth person. Threads highlight on Facebook could be essential to deal with the range of misinformation on the platform, providing readers a precise meaning of the information.

Hence, it is yet unclear if the innovation is here to stay for the social media platform’s fate.


It is all about Facebook is copying Twitter’s news feature. I hope you find this post helpful. Stay tuned with us for more news!

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