Who Is Enzo’s Fernandez’s Girlfriend? The Tech Education

Enzo Fernandez is a professional footballer from Argentina. He plays as a central midfielder for the Argentina national team and for the Portuguese club Benfica in the Primeira Liga. The young man, who is 21 years old, is currently playing for his country in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Fans are also interested in the young player’s personal life, and they want to know if Enzo Fernandez has a girlfriend. And her name is Valentina Cervantes.

Who is Enzo Fernandez’s Girlfriend, Valentina Cervantes?

Enzo's Fernandez

Valentina Cervantes is famous for her relationship with Enzo Fernandez. She completed her education in her native Argentina and is now gaining a reputation as an Instagram influencer.

Cervantes has been seen cheering for her husband Enzo at various football stadiums. She has been very supportive of his football career.

Little is known about the girlfriend of Enzo Fernandez, Valentina Cervantes. Her parent’s and siblings’ identities are also unknown.

Where Did Enzo Fernandez And His Wife, Valentina Cervantes, Meet?

Enzo Fernandez has been with his beautiful girlfriend, Valentina Cervantes, for a long time. When the player moved to Portugal in 2019, which was three years ago, they began dating. It’s hard to say precisely when they started dating, but based on their first photo together on Instagram, it must have been in 2019.

They might be planning to get married, which would be great since they have a daughter together. The guy is a year older than his girlfriend. She was born in Argentina on January 17, 2001, which is where Enzo is from. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She lives with her boyfriend in Portugal, where he plays soccer for SL Benfica, a big team in Portugal.

Does Enzo Fernandez Have Children?

Yes, Enzo Fernandez and Valentina Cervantes have a daughter together. Her name is Olivia Fernandez, and she will be born in May 2020.

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