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Donald Trump: The President Has Settled Down For A Covid Relief Bill Of $1.3 Trillion! How Beneficial Will It Be For The Citizens?

Donald Trump has agreed to release a corona virus relief bill of $1.3 trillion.

Donald Trump Agrees To Release $1.3 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill

The ongoing pandemic has shattered the economy of the nation. And in order to deal with that and ensure that the citizens are not deprived of any basic amenity, several relief packages were released by the government. And it included all the relief bills. This time for another proposed relief bill President Donald Trump has given his nod to a certain amount.

Donald Trump
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And according to a statement given by Mark Meadows, the White House Chief, Trump has settled down for a $1.3 trillion relief bill. Although he has not taken any official decision but he might stick to this amount. Moreover Meadow said that it is $300 billion more than what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had proposed.

Because Trump thinks that a relief bill $1.3 trillion will be quite beneficial for the citizens amidst the ongoing crisis.

Is It Enough For The Citizens?

Well this pandemic has had a bitter effect on the economy of the country. Therefore resulting in a huge crisis among the citizens. Although the upcoming bill has not been finalized yet. But the inclusions we can expect from this relief package might be:

  • ¬†weekly bonus to unemployment benefits( amount is yet to be finalized)
  • A separate USPS funding package passed by the House
  • An additional weekly check for those who applied unemployment for the first time
  • A proposal of proving $400 per week for the unemployed(proposed)
  • An extra fund for smooth functioning of educational institutions
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Although these are only certain proposals which Trump might consider while signing this bill. But the question here is that will $1.3 trillions be sufficient enough. Because as per many Democratic House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her counterparts, thus amount is not sufficient.

Donald Trump
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Therefore still is still standing by her proposal of $ 2.2 trillions. As she said that Trump is not considering the plight of his citizens and what kind of crisis they are facing.

Hence Pelosi wants the matter to be discussed thoroughly as the amount Trump has agreed to is too less to be of any help for the citizens.

Although the proposals of the upcoming package has not been finalized yet, but we hope that Trump considers the plight of his citizens and decide the amount of the bill according to that. Because in the end, it is the citizens who matter.

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