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“Chris Cuomo” From CNN Accused Sen. Tim Scott And Other Speaker Of “Carrying Water” For Trump

This Monday night Chris Cuomo accused Se. t at CNN news, Chris Cuomo Tim Scott, R-S., and some more speakers that they were Carrying water for Mr. Trump. They only brought criticism over the remark. During the Republic National Convention “Scott” gave his powerful speech.

Scott shared his own life story, talked about Joe Biden’s controversial remarks which only focused on Black Americans. He also then goes by saying that how Trump’s policies helped in bringing the Black Community back in the country.

Chris Cuomo Allegation To Scott

All these constant lies about the president did not admire CNN’s anchor Chris Cuomo. He said in his show by saying (“Do politicians ever try to lie?” and “Do parties get themselves involved in this? yes .. but not like Donald Trump, he said).

He then goes saying that he has never seen such a man that tells so much of lies and he has never seen it before in the world of politics. Chris says by mentioning Se. Tim Scott, R-S., and some more speakers that ” these are the people who are an echo of him”.

Scott’s Lies

He also said that Tim Scott carefully used his words on the speech and also he was aware not to mention anything which goes against the president. Cuomo’s co-worker Don Lemon also agreed with him. He said by mentioning the 2016 convention and how Scott tried to mock Mr. Trump and said he was senator’s best friend.

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Fans Reply To Chris Cuomo

Some viewers from social media got offended and said to Chris that he was a racist, while some famous personalities supported him for coming up against Mr. Trump in the show. This was not for the first time that the anchor raised this allegation like “Scott supports the president”.

NBC’s anchor Craig Melvin

A few months ago Craig Melvin anchor of NBC News asked for the sole Black GOP senator that whether his party was using him as a token, considering the death of George Floyd. In return, Scott laughed at this query and left it unanswered.

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