Do You Need a VPN for Gaming?

Over the years, we’ve come to learn that the internet is not exactly the place we imagined it to be. In the beginning, all we had to worry about was catfishing and the occasional computer virus. However, as the world wide web evolves, it also becomes much more complicated.

To combat these complications and provide themselves with a suitable workaround, most internet users use VPNs. Nowadays, there is a range of great VPNs to choose from. Review websites such as can help you make the right decision when choosing the best VPN to suit your needs.

There are several reasons why VPNs are a great tool for browsing the internet. These can range from security reasons to legality reasons. Overall, it seems these services are useful tools while surfing the web.

However, these implications rarely receive any attention in the world of gaming. Still, some gamers must ask themselves if using a VPN while playing games online can help their experience. We’ll give you 4 reasons VPNs are great for online gaming below!

#1: DDoS and privacy protection

As many seasoned Call of Duty veterans will know, the world of online gaming is not always kind. Players may find that a certain opponent or teammate they struck a nerve with has taken to exacting their revenge outside of video games.

This revenge can result in DDoS attacks, doxing, and even swatting. Angry players can find out a lot of important information about you, including your IP address and even your home address.


A DDoS attack can ruin your gameplay by disrupting your computer’s network connection. While this attack is annoying, it’s mostly harmless unless the attacker decides to disrupt the connection indefinitely.

Doxing is a slightly more dangerous activity. Not only does the attacker know much of your personal information, but they may also divulge it to others on the internet. This makes you much more vulnerable to stalking and other harassment from strangers.

Finally, swatting is probably the most dangerous. It’s a harassment tactic in which the attacker deceives an emergency service such as 911 into sending law enforcement officers or other similar emergency services to your address. The risk of injury or death is the biggest in these situations.

VPNs can help protect you from all of these attacks by not divulging your true IP address and other information to the attacker.

#2: Making region-locked content available

Sometimes games and certain content from these games are only available in certain countries. There are different reasons for this. Most often, a certain game’s release date is earlier in one country than it is in others. Alternatively, some games are so popular that they offer different servers for optimal player experience.

In these cases, you may find VPNs can help you experience that game earlier. On the other hand, if you’re interested in playing with friends on another server, changing your IP address to one from their country may allow you to play with them.

#3: Reduce lag and ping

Lag and high ping are the most annoying disruption in online gaming. You may be playing through an intense match only to find that your reaction times are bad because of high ping. By the time the server responds, you’ve already lost the match.

This may be because of the distance between your computer and the game server. Most games have different servers all across different regions. However, there’s a possibility that even that distance is not enough for the game’s performance to improve. There are a variety of ways to fix this, and a VPN is one of them.

Using a VPN is also useful if you want to reduce ping while living in a region that doesn’t have its own game server. Additionally, you may use a VPN if you want to reduce lag while playing on a server that isn’t meant for your region.


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