5 Apps that are Irreplaceable in the Classroom

Edtech is revolutionizing education worldwide with its over-the-top, extremely user-friendly applications launched yearly to aid teachers and students alike. Technology is a big part of our lives, and innovations are rising daily in this industry.

Numerous applications have launched frequently streamlining classroom processes for a more efficient learning and management experience. However, the best is still innovating education technology for institutions. Here are our top 5 picks for the best applications beyond the realm of google classroom and zoom for you.

5 Apps that are Irreplaceable in the Classroom

Class Dojo

Turning classrooms into communities’ class dojo is an excellent application with the ultimate teacher toolkit to facilitate and build an efficient classroom.

Adding to the benefits of positive reinforcement – Class Dojo helps uphold discipline and improve classroom behavior through their reward system in the form of stars that are added or subtracted based on students’ behaviors. This is also an excellent application for connecting with parents and conveniently sharing progress and reports for frequent student updates.


Utilized by over 200,000 classrooms, Seesaw is a great app your classroom cannot miss out on. Like Class Dojo, Seesaw provides you with the best report-sharing and updating facility.

Along with this, the best part about it is keeping tabs on students’ progress and shortcomings for a better insight into the areas of improvement. The best part about this app is the ability to make education more interactive with the activity planning feature. According to the subject, teachers can look up activities planned for students by other teachers and allow teachers to customize their increasing efficiency like no other.


One of the most commonly used apps in classrooms is the Kahoot app. What’s its top selling point? Educational games. What better way to enhance education in schools than with games?

Kids love technology and fun, which is exactly what Kahoot offers with an educational twist. You can use all sorts of features to implement quizzes and lectures with pictures and information, like games imparting education enjoyably and interactively.

Canva Classroom

We all know Canva for its graphic design features with great, readily available templates, fonts, images, editing options, etc., but have you ever heard about Canva Classroom?

It’s a great app with the same features but utilized and made specifically for educational purposes aiding teachers to create more engaging and fun teaching materials especially great for math tutors, science tutors, and tutors of subjects that are comparatively dry and complex.

You don’t need to be good at designing while using Canva; it provides you with readymade templates that you can use with the click of a button.

Novel effect

With EdTech improving with the speed of light, voice recognition technology is taking over with its immense convenience. Voice recognition technology is used to detect phrases adding sounds and effects to lectures making learning more of a storytelling experience increasingly making it more exciting and interesting for students and ultimately enhancing engagement.

This is a great app to encourage students to read, making it a reasonably pleasant experience for them.

Once you start using these apps in your classroom, there’s no going back. What better way to educate a generation obsessed with technology than these apps?

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