Did Paula Abdul Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Did Paula Abdul Undergo Plastic Surgery? What’s The Truth Behind Surgery?


Paula Abdul may appear lovely at 57 years old, but she is openly confessing to having cosmetic work done on her face. While it is not uncommon for women or men to conceal cosmetic surgery, this is not the case with professional dancers. She spoke on The Wendy Williams Show and spoke candidly with viewers about her minimally invasive treatment in preparation for her upcoming Vegas residency, “Forever Your Girl.”

Paula, 57, admitted to undergoing plastic surgery to get a more slender jawline. The singer revealed that she discovered a firm that does a surgery called ‘facial tight and body tight,’ adding, ‘What I liked about it is how little invasive it is. There are no visible scars. Two or three days later, I was walking around.’

Wendy inquired, ‘How were you tightened?’ To which the former American Idol judge responded, ‘Skin elasticity – you know it’s gravity. As a result, I desired a slightly more svelte jawline.’ During Thursday’s sit-down interview on Wendy’s talk show, the Straight Up singer expounded on the surgery.

‘So it’s a radiofrequency laser technology,’ Paula explained. You can be numbed or, if you’re a wimp like me, you can be given Ativan, an anti-anxiety medicine.

After Effect of Surgery on Abdul’s Face:

“Her face is inflated like a balloon,” the source continues. Her forehead is devoid of creases, and her eyes are devoid of the crinkling at the corners that one would ordinarily associate with someone approaching 60.

According to some, she has never known when to quit — and this time she has truly gone overboard!” The insider then asserts that the employment is jeopardizing her career, claiming that “it’s no secret she’d love to return to the program.”

She’s still in excellent form, but it’s heartbreaking to see her succumb to Hollywood trends. She is a wonderful lady who should be left alone!” The publication then receives a statement from a cosmetic surgeon who has not treated Abdul, stating, “Paula looks incredible young!”

Her heart-shaped face may predispose her to a slower aging process than facial types with longer features. However, she may have had assistance from a plastic surgeon. I’m guessing she’s had filler put into her lips and cheeks to bolster them.

Additionally, she may have received Botox injections to soften her crow’s feet and forehead.” Finally, the doctor observes, “Whether or not she had plastic surgery, she is aging gracefully!”

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