Amber Heard Johnny Depp: Amber Heard knocked Johnny Depp out?


Actor Johnny Depp, 57 allegedly sued the Sun’s executive editor, Dan Woolton. He sued the Sun’s publisher News Groups Newspapers for referring to him as a “wife beater”.

Sherborne, Depp’s representing lawyer, claims these defamatory accustion as “a full scale attack (on Depp) for “the most horrendous physical abuse.”

On the other hand the NGN stand firm in their claims. They said, the title was “accurate and truthful.” The NGN’s portrayal of Depp, that he shall “not play the role of a supplicant consort” and that he wanted to “dominate the relationship” was slammed. They were declared as “complete lies” by Depp’s  lawyer.

The NGN’s lawyer, Adam Wolanski, accuses Depp of drug abuse. Also to have witheld documents regarding it in the earlier sessions which was a “clear breach.”

Depp in his witness statement confesses that: “I have been open about my challenges with alcoholism and addiction throughout my life.”

Depp recalls that by the age of 14, he had done almost all sorts of drug. His addiction problem started at the age of 11, during days of his early childhood. He also said that on “rare occurences”, Heard and him “took drugs together.”

The trial took place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London and was due in March. The three weeks trial got delayed due to the outbreak of the Cov-SARS 2 pandemic.

Depp explains that his drug abuse problem was a source to bear through his pain. He had never undertaken “violence against anyone.”
David Sherborne, Depp’s lawyers claims that Heard’s has “invented stories of serious violence.

He is not and never has been a “wife beater.” He further accuses Heard of being the one to perpetuate acts of violence against his client. He said that Amber Heard ” punched or hit him (and there was little he could do to stop this, she was the abuser not him.”

Johnny Depp Amber Heard case takes an interesting turn of events:

The matter further intensifies, when Mr Stephen Deuter, who has worked with Depp since 2005 comes to the witness box.

Mr Deuter, presently the European president of Depp’s production claims of witnessing violent gestures of Ms Heard on several occasions.

He also recalls one such incident in a flight. Deuter, clearly saw Heard “gesticulating” violently.  He had to finally intervene as he saw matters going out of hand .

His former personal assistant titles Amber Heard as “a show pony ” and a “Machiavellian overlord .” He claims her to be the actual abuser in the relationship.

Depps statement that “whenever these situations would escalate, I would try and go to my own corner”was further backed by Stephen Deuters. He claimed of Depp locking himself in washrooms during episodes of violent fights.

Trinity Esperza said that she had not seen any “visible injuries” in the face of Ms Heard, after three days of her claim against Mr Depp.

This case seems to have an interesting turn of events.  It seems the tables are turning in the course of time. Amber Heard had earlier knocked out. Depp metaphorically, now the knock out allegations turn intrinsically physical.  Did Heard punetazo en la cara Depp?