Dave Bautista Desires To Do A Buddy Cop Film With Jason Momoa

Dave Bautista Desires To Do A Buddy Cop Film With Jason Momoa

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While Dwayne Johnson and John Cena (yes, John Cena) are not on Dave Bautista’s radar, there’s one actor he’d like to work with, and that’s Jason Momoa. 

Both Bautista and Momoa appear to have a knack for comedy, which would make a buddy cop movie featuring them an exciting prospect. Since both actors have comedic genes, there are good reasons to believe that this might work.   

Dave Bautista has seen a meteoric rise in his career since becoming known for his role of Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, appeared in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix, and appeared in the remake of Dune. 

He lets people know what kinds of movies he wants to make and which not. These days, films consist of throwaway comments and ambitious banter, but when Bautista suggested Jason Momoa makes a movie, he said no and didn’t want to make it happen.   

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Dava Bautista Has Plans To Make A Film About Weapons

Dave Bautista has announced that he plans to make a film about lethal weapons with none other than Jason Momoa. In a recent Twitter post, the actor currently filming Guardians of the Galaxy told his fans that he would play a role in Star Trek: TOS to appear in a movie with Dwayne Johnson or John Cena. 

The actor told a fan on Twitter that he had no interest in playing in the film with Johnson or Cena, but he would love to participate in a Star Trek project.    

The action star took to Twitter to announce he was joining Aquaman and Lost star Jason Momoa in a deadly gun-like buddy cop action movie, directed by Will Hobbs and David Leitch. 

Dave Bautista teamed up with Jason Momoa for the second season of Apple TV drama I Saw Something and revealed he wants to work with him again in a buddy cop movie on the big screen.

So I’m going to put all the vision he’s propagated on social media and hope to manifest it in that atmosphere and see what happens. It is a funny idea, and one can be curious to see if other gentlemen will bite.    

To bring me back to Momoa, he’s currently starring as a brother in the dystopian drama See Edo Baba Voss. So we’re going to have Bautista and Momoa in a buddy cop movie, Lethal Weapon, directed by David Leitch.

Mel Gibson played Danny Glover, a police detective who teams up with an older officer in the film.   

Guardians of the Galaxy actor has teamed up with Aquaman actor for the second season of the sci-fi drama Apple TV (which is set to premiere on August 27) and would love to make a film about a new deadly weapon film. 

Now one player wants to do it and is using social media to spread the idea and see if there is a place to stick to it. 

In the comments, we noticed one of David Dastmalchian, whom we saw in Polka Dot Man and Suicide Squad, who said that he would both like to contribute to the idea of a role they would like to play, a lethal-waffle type of cop in a buddy film directed by David Leitch, the director of Suicide Squad.    

Dave Bautista: Well-Known For Marvel’s Film

Dave Bautista, the wrestler, and actor best known for playing Drax in Marvel’s film version of Blade Runner 2049, will be seen soon in Dune. The actor will star in a villain role in the highly anticipated “Dune,” due out in the fall.    

Dave Bautista has expressed on Twitter his desire to star alongside Jason Momoa in a buddy cop movie. The actor and his supporter Aquaman for the second season of his Apple TV drama have revealed to Bautistas that he would like to work with the Aquaman star as one of the deadliest weapons in the film genre and to have him, co-star. 

While he has dealt with tough guys as an actor known for comic books, he is looking for a partner with a fascinating idea for a new season to see how their collaboration goes and if he has any ideas for their latest project.    

Bautista has not only announced that he wants to make one with Momoa, but he also has a whole plan and has no desire to pull it off until the market gets going and is discovered. 

There are many frivolous comments and little jokes about movies these days, but Dave Bautistaone suggested Jason Momoa make a movie with him, which Momoa said he wanted to do.   

Dave Bautista Experience Buddy Cop Subgenre

Dave Bautista has experience of the buddy cop subgenre after starring in Stuber with Kumail Nanjiani. He showed his underrated comic timing as a roaring blind cop who seeks revenge for his partner’s death recommending his hapless taxi driver for help. 

David Dastmalchian, who played Suicide Squad in the movie, offered to play the role of a creepy guy in an adult book store where you can get rough information about the location of the villains, which is a pretty accurate description of the kind of role he would play in what happens in that kind of film.    

After starring in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, Bautistas tried on Twitter to get Drax to do a solo film with James Gunn, admitting he would love the chance. 

At that time, I knew that my desire to have Jason Momoa as a friend in a movie franchise would come to an end, judging by the reaction of many on Twitter. 

I was then, and I was still aware of what would happen if I wanted him in a buddy movie franchise, which would take a lot of effort, judging by the reaction on Twitter.   

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