Mary Magdalene Before and After Surgery | In attempt to get Worlds’ Fattest Vagina

Mary Magdalene Before and After Surgery | In attempt to get Worlds’ Fattest Vagina

The quest for the world’s fattest vagina has been completed, putting an end to a debate that has raged since the dawn of time. Probably.

When faced with stoning, Jesus is said to have said to Mary Magdalene in the Bible, “Let him who is without sin among you first cast a stone at her.”

“She who has not spent their mortgage on cosmetic surgery will remain without the world’s fattest vagina,” a modern interpretation would undoubtedly read.

Apart from modern interpretations of the Bible, Mary Magdalene, an American OnlyFans and TikTok model, is known for an incredible and extreme body transformation for which she spent an estimated £73,000 in cosmetic surgery.

The money spent has transformed Mary from a seemingly normal young woman into someone who nearly died as a result of a risky procedure. She has stunned her fans by sharing photos of herself in the past.

Who is Mary Magdalene?mary magdalene chidlhood

Mary Magdalene is a stripper, model, and OnlyFans star from Canada.

Due to her extreme plastic surgery, the 25-year-old from Toronto now only has 9,000 Instagram followers after her old account was deleted, but she has become well-known online.

She’s had three boob jobs, three Brazilian butt lifts, cheek fat removal, hip fillers, 20 dental veneers, a lot of lip fillers, and one well-known vaginal surgery in the last five years.

On the “No Jumper” podcast, Mary talks about the surgerymary magdalene

Mary went on the podcast No Jumper by adult movie star Adam Grandmaison and talked about her famous vagina surgery.

She said that she lost so much blood during the surgery that she “almost died.” Then, while getting blood, she had an allergic reaction that almost killed her.

Mary then went on to say why she really wanted the extreme surgery.

“So there’s this contraption you use, and it sucks your p*ssy and it makes it very inflated. So I told the doctor I just want it permanently to look like that,”

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