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Dark Desire Season 2 Release Date: Scheduled Release Date And Renewal Status!


In the realm of Dark Desire, the wildest, hottest hookup of your life is regular Tuesday. After a year and a half hiatus, this Netflix original made its triumphant comeback this week with a fresh new season. 

And if you thought Season 1 was a wild trip, brace yourself for Season 2. They will have to design new forms to account for the many romantic ties in Season 2.

If you’ve already binge-watched the new season, you’re probably wondering what’s going on. Primarily, what? Why? And was there indeed a fictitious twin? We have the answers to all of your queries. Consider this your guide to Dark Desire Season 2’s conclusion.

Who was the real assassin of Julieta?

Do you know how Season 1 of Dark Desire was all about proving that Darió (Alejandro Speitzer) was not genuinely sketchy? Season 2 dismantled that concept. Darió’s fiancé was assassinated by none other than Darió himself.

Lys (Catherine Siachoque), Darió’s adopted aunt, initiated it all. Lys developed an obsession with Darió throughout the years, for reasons we’ll discuss shortly. She went insane when she discovered her nephew was engaged to Julieta (Ariana Saavedra) while still enjoying steamy sex with Alma (Maite Perroni). 

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Lys poisoned Julieta, then enticed her up to the roof with a video of Darió and Alma having sex. By the way, this was all part of some grand scheme to spoil the couple’s wedding. 

However, things quickly spiraled out of control. Julieta approached Darió about the video while on the roof, arguing. Darió got into a frenzy during their yelling fight and tossed Julieta off the roof. Thus, it was Darió. Dark Desire again demonstrates that the most apparent solution is not always the right one.

How Did Lys Contribute to Julieta’s Death?

So how does Lys fit into all of this? Prepare yourself for some severe trauma. Darió was not Antonio’s real son, so he was never biologically linked to his uncle Alberto. 

Nonetheless, upon Antonio’s death, Alberto and Lys took Darió in and provided him with a home, as one would expect of an uncle and aunt. That is also the time frame in which Child Protective Services should have interfered.

As Darió was still a juvenile, Lys began sleeping with him while Alberto recorded the whole encounter. Statutory rape is the buzzword of the hour, folks. The more Lys and Darió slept together; the more fascinated Lys got with Darió. 

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She even murdered her spouse for them to be together. However, on the day they were meant to go, Darió stole his violent step aunt’s money and jewelry and fled alone. 

Lys was left pregnant with Darió’s kid as a single window. She had an abortion, but her rage at Darió remained unresolved.

In a nutshell? Lys’ quarrel with Alma and Julieta was motivated by jealousy. She only desired Julieta to discover Darió’s infidelity and call off the engagement. 

It’s unclear why this included drugging a young lady and lying in the shadows like a weirdo. However, regardless of her argument, Lys is now imprisoned.

Was Darió a Twin?

That was another complicated fabrication. No, a second Darió never existed. The actual Darió concocted the whole twin narrative to safeguard his money. 

Essentially, Darió argued that if people were so intent on locating a second him, the genuine article might stash his fortune in Bitcoin and live in relative peace. No, the explanation makes little sense. However, faking a twin after committing a crime certainly does.

What Happens at the End of Dark Desire Season 2?

Alma put together almost 70% of this puzzle before confronting Darió. However, she did not solve the whole problem until they were in the midst of intercourse. Before she decided to go away with him, she forced him to admit faking his twin and telling up about his history with Lys and Julieta.

However, this was all a lie. Alma duped Darió into believing her completely to coerce him into confessing to Julieta’s murder. Her first “trust only” strategy failed, and she was forced to resort to the heavy guns. 

That entailed luring Darió to an abandoned building level with Esteban (Erik Hayser) and a voice changer, wiring the floor with surveillance cameras, and confronting him again at gunpoint. 

Alma drew out the failsafe: truth serum when that plan also failed. Alma ultimately convinced Darió to confess to the murder of Julieta by dosing him with sodium pentothal. The mission has been done.

Alma revealed her big plan in the last moments of Dark Desire Season 2 before smoking one final cigarette. Darió noticed he was shackled to a hospital bed as she pulled it out. This nuisance seems to have vanished for good.

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