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Danny Javier Cause Of Death: A Member Of The APO Hiking Society And An OPM Icon Died At The Age Of 75

Danny Javier, the singer-songwriter and one-third of the iconic APO Hiking Society passed away on Monday, He was 75.

There aren’t many groups in the Philippines that have had as much long-lasting success as the APO Hiking Society. Since 1969 the three-man group has been entertaining a lot of people in their home country and beyond. During that time they won a lot of awards and gained a lot of respect from critics.

Fans are saddened by the news that Danny Javier one-third of the group, has died at the age of 75. Consequently, what exactly was the reason for his death? Let’s look at what we already know.

What Caused Danny Javier’s Death?

His sister-in-law, 2nd District Representative Lolita Javier, confirmed Danny’s passing on Facebook.

“As a member of the well-known APO Hiking Society, Manong Danny spent many years making important music for the Filipino scene. Rest in peace in the loving arms of God and Mary. The pain is over! Now that you are free, you can laugh and sing in peace “In her moving post, she said.

As for why he died, it was said that “complications from his long-term illnesses” were to blame, but the specific illness was not said. His daughter Justine Javier Long told The Manila Times about this.

“Our Pop never stopped fighting for what he loved, what he believed in, and what he was passionate about, both in life and in death. He left this world with all of his passion and willpower still in working order, and we know that’s how he would have wanted it “Justine went on.

Jim Paredes told CNN Philippines that he was “shattered” by the deaths of the other two APO Hiking Society members. Boboy Garrovillo the third member of the group, wrote on Facebook about how he felt about the death of his longtime partner.

“Just missing an old friend who was always there for me and knew what love was, even if it didn’t always show. My friend’s music keeps him alive, “He put words on paper.

During this hard time, our thoughts are with Danny’s family, friends and fans.

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