Crash Landing On You Season 2

Crash Landing On You Season 2 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!


While South Korean drama has often made ripples worldwide, this series has established new standards. ‘Crash Landing on You,’ created by Studio Dragon, is the highest-rated drama on tvN’s home network. 

The series, dubbed ‘Love’s Emergency Landing,’ chronicles the unlikely romance between a South Korean entrepreneur and a North Korean special officer. Yoon Se-ri arrives in North Korea by accident after a paragliding mishap.

Following the accident, she is saved by Ri Jeong-Hyeok, who shields her and attempts to return home safely. 

The program launched in December 2019 to critical praise and was an immediate hit with fans. Fans can’t get sufficient of the series and eagerly await its continuation. So, will we be able to view season 2 anytime soon? Let us ascertain!

Crash Landing On You Season 2 Release Date

Crash Landing on You‘ has not been revived for a second season. Despite its success, there is a chance that the popular Kdrama series would not be renewed for a second season.

The first season closed on a conclusive note, with no unresolved plot points remaining. By the show’s conclusion, it’s evident that the makers had no intention of continuing the series beyond season one. 

Despite several obstacles, most of the characters attained their aims and settled their issues. It was a well-balanced conclusion, and there is nothing more to discuss.

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Apart from that, K-drama series are very seldom renewed for a second season. They are often written with a certain storyline in mind, complete with a distinct beginning, middle, and finish. 

However, if the series is renewed for another season, we will ensure that this section is updated for you.

Due to the lack of renewal, there is currently no release date for season 2. From December 14, 2019, until February 16, 2020, the first season of ‘Crash Landing on You’ve aired on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix internationally. This area will be updated when new information becomes available.

Crash Landing On You Season 2 Plot

In this cross-country love tale, we follow Ri Jeong-hyuk and Yoon Se-ri as they fall madly in love. However, the difficulty is that, while the former is a North Korean army commander, the latter is a wealthy entrepreneur and privileged heiress from South Korea.

They encounter various more personalities throughout their perilous and hostile voyage. At the conclusion, we witness Jeong-hyuk encounter Jo Chul Kang, who falls into his trap while attempting to deceive the former.

However, as Chul Kang aims his rifle at Jeong-hyuk, Yoon Se-Ri leaps into the path of fire. As a result, she is shot. Meanwhile, Jeong-hyuk apprehends Yonn Se Hyung, Se-brother. 

Season 1’s conclusion wraps up all loose ends in the narrative while highlighting Se-ri and Jeong Hyeok’s strong friendship. 

After successfully returning to South Korea and resuming her daily life, Se-ri realized she didn’t feel the same without Jeong Hyeok in her life. The two even spent some time together in South Korea but had to say their last farewells.

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The series concludes on an optimistic note, with the two reuniting in Switzerland for two weeks before returning to their separate countries.

They devise strategies to maintain a significant presence in one another’s life. If there is another season, it will center on Se-ri and Jeong Hyeok’s long-distance romance and if they would ever be able to make a life together.

Season 2 is expected to continue the tale from here, documenting the experiences of these two hopelessly in love people.

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