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Cox 's New Look Is Giving Us Major Throwback Of '90's Show Friends ! - The Tech Education
Courtney Cox
Source : cosmpolition.com
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Courtney Cox ‘s New Look Is Giving Us Major Throwback Of ’90’s Show Friends !

I am a die-hard Friends Fan and Courtney Cox too; It is the Tv show which needs to thank us for so many memories. It is one of the reasons I use a high pitch voice whenever “I say Margaritas !” and yell, “It’s the humidity!” whenever my hair goes frizzy # Courtney Cox. Or Jennifer Aniston glossy hair locks are incredible. 

 The same things go with Lisa Kudrow signature over accessorised style. Courtney Cox’s black hair is also goals! But like the other members of the show, she never really switch up with since the very first season. 

Courtney Cox
Source : cosmpolition.com

It is the main reasons why Chris McMillan, a longtime hairstylist of Courtney and Jennifer at the friends show, post a picture on Instagram of Courtney and Captions it with “Shaggy Bangs” and by seeing that I get very excited.

Chris Captions it with” “#bangs @courteneycoxofficial @jenniferaniston #approved Every time I bang Courteney she always says that “how fast does hair grow a month?” 😂 lol!!!! Bangs for #fall COURTENEY”.

Humorously, Chris spells her name wrong in the post, Courtney said “How many years do we have to spend together for you to spell my name right. Even after our bang??” 

 But for now, we all are too busy to look at this selfie instead noticing the spelling mistake – trying to take a picture of Monica peeks out under the Military style cap Courtney is wearing. Let’s hope humid didn’t catch her. 

Well the bonding between the friends actor is still the same .

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