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NeNe Leakes Overlook To Get Her Own Spinoff

Famous TV actress Linnethie- Monique “NeNe” Leakes is getting immense attention nowadays. The actress is an irreplaceable part of a famed TV show.“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” famed actress is in the Buzz.
Reportedly there were rumors that she is fired from the show. Nene came forward to shut down the rumors.

She used Twitter as the platform to absolutely clear off everything.
Consequently, she tweeted a vow. NeNe wrote “ I promise I’ll be the first to tell you myself! Thanks for the love”.

There were reports that Bravo fired NeNe. NeNe did not get an invitation for Season 13. This should be noted that Bravo himself denied the rumors.

But the rumors have their base indeed. There were hot gossips about negotiation conflict between the two.

Now reportedly, NeNe is goofing around to see if she can get herself her reality show. All this is going on behind the back of Bravo. Indeed she is trying to get herself a “better” work.

She is securing herself for the future. In case Bravo let her go someday, she’ll at least have a project. Undoubtedly, NeNe is doing this struggle in the case to ensure her financial stability.

Additionally, it will also help her to give her brand a boost.
Allegedly NeNe firstly approached E! For a spin-off. She deserves her spinoff.

But due to some insecurities, they didn’t show much interest simply.

Just 2 seasons ago Kenya Moore suffered from the same circumstances. The reason was the surge in ratings of the show in the 12th season. The plot is somehow similar.

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