Is Corey Sevier Married? Who Is His Life Partner?

It is very hard for a famous person to keep all of their personal and private information inside their home. At some point, it will break through a window. Corey Sevier, an actor and director who was born in Canada and is well-known, might also have a problem with this. Fans want to know everything about their favorite celebrity. Because of this, our topic for today is Corey Sevier’s Wife, their marriage, and their children.

Corey Daniel Sevier was born in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, on July 3, 1984. He was given the name Corey Sevier. Sevier is a mix of many different races. He is also called Cor and Cory.

Is Corey Sevier Married?

corey sevier and Kate Pragnell

The star of The North Shore, Corey Sevier, is a married man. Kate Pragnell, who is now Kate Sevier, is his wife. But Corey was able to hide his relationship for a long time. Because of this, no one knows how long they were together before they got married or when Corey Sevier married Kate Pragnell. Because of this, no one knows the exact date of the wedding.

Do Corey Sevier And Kate Pragnell Have A Baby?

On December 18, 2019, Corey Sevier, who is 37 years old, was happy to tweet a picture of his new son. The Lassie star was known for keeping his privacy to himself, but on that day, he surprised everyone by posting a picture of his new baby on Twitter.

Corey Sevier And Kate Pragnell baby

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