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fo, Cody Simpson Posts Some Irresistible Pictures On Instagram, Flaunting His Well Maintained Physique Post Split With Miley Cyrus - The Tech Education
Cody Simpson
Source: Instagram
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Cody Simpson Posts Some Irresistible Pictures On Instagram, Flaunting His Well Maintained Physique Post Split With Miley Cyrus

Cody Simpson recently broke up with the Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus. And a month after their split, he took to Instagram to post some really amazing pictures.

Cody Simpson Flaunts His Well Maintained Biceps

The 23 year old Australian singer posted some pictures on Instagram. And believe me, he looked as jaw dropping as ever before. In the picture, he was seen having a swimming session and he stopped by the poolside to pose for a picture.

Cody Simpson
Source: Instagram

As he was all set to dive into the pool, he was flaunting his well maintained biceps. Also the singer was wearing a pair of red briefs, as he was ready to kick start his swimming session. From this picture we can already sense that Simpson is a fitness freak. And works really hard to maintain his physique.

This picture came after his spilt with Miley Cyrus after ten months of togetherness.

Split With Miley Cyrus

The Australian singer was dating The Midnight sky singer Miley Cyrus. And they were together for almost 10 months. The ex-flames started dating when Miley had an ugly divorce with husband Liam Hemsworth.

But even her relationship with Simpson didn’t last long. Both the celebrities didn’t reveal the exact reason about their breakup, but have given individual statements. And they said that it was a mutual split because they wanted to invest on themselves. Hence were not quite ready for commitment.

Cody Simpson
Source: Daily Mail

Moreover Miley during a podcast had revealed that her priorities are changing with time. And that she will eventually settle down for a more matured and responsible partner. Maybe her past experiences with multiple relationship has taught her a lot.

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Apart from that, it is said that Miley and Simpson have no grudges against each other and still maintain cordial terms. In fact ,they are still good friends.

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