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nef, 1g, 22, v5h, 1, Towie Star Lauren Goodger Slams British PM Boris Johnson's 'Work From Home' Protocol, Says It Is Risky For Her Career - The Tech Education
Lauren Goodger
Source: Daily Mail
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Towie Star Lauren Goodger Slams British PM Boris Johnson’s ‘Work From Home’ Protocol, Says It Is Risky For Her Career

The world is fighting with the deadly pandemic and several countries have come up with safety measures. But Lauren Goodger seems unhappy with the Work From Home protocol set up in Britain by PM Boris Johnson.

Lauren Goodger Opposes Boris Johnson’s Work From Home Protocol

The 34 year old media personality is quite unhappy because of the new protocols being set up by the government. Actually PM Boris Johnson has released a statement saying that people should try not to leave their houses until it is too necessary. And has also urged people to follow the Work From Home protocol.

Lauren Goodger
Source: Instagram

But this didn’t go well for Goodger because she is a celebrity beautician and owns a beauty company. And has also been a part of many shows like Townie, but the work from home protocol doesn’t really goes with her work.

Thus she penned an Instagram post stating that, she has already lost several opportunities due to these measures. In her post she directly referred to PM Johnson stating that she is fine with the night curfew. But she can’t sit home whole day and suffer more loss at work.

Lauren Goodger
Source: Instagram

The beautician also said that she doesn’t want to use the time for partying or getting engaged in other other things except for her work. Thus she asked Johnson to rethink about this protocol and allow people to go out and work.

Moreover, she also stated that she has been sitting idle for almost a year due to the pandemic. And she can’t afford to do it anymore because her entire at stake.

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Coronavirus Measures In Britain

So as stated by Lauren Goodger, PM Boris Johnson has urged people to work from home. Apart from that another measure which has been taken is the night curfew. And according to that nobody can move out after 10 pm.

Lauren Goodger
Source: Sky News

Apart from that, penalty rates have been set for people who will be seen violating precautionary measure like skipping masks. Although everything is being done to keep the deadline virus away from transmitting.

But we do agree with Lauren that measures like Work From Home doesn’t really go well for all the sectors. And because of that many people are facing loss in their businesses while some others are getting unemployed.

Therefore these aspects should be considered by the concerned authorities.

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