Covid 19 Response: Golden Coral
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Covid 19 Response: Golden Coral Buffet Works “No touch” All Eat Is A Nightmare!

Without Coronavirus eating Golden Corral can be an exciting experience in a different kind of way.  There will be an endless way to choose appropriate food with unlimited helpings. But the beloved USA tradition of all you can eat buffet has been severely undercut by the Coronavirus.

Diners across the world have been trying to adapt this mask world in a companion you will offer sanitizers instead of a glass of water. Having a chain of restaurants, I am very curious about eating Golden Coral would resemble the idea of Pandemic.

After, scrolling the website which touts a “no-touch” buffet and “enhanced sanitization measures”.I go to the nearest store located in my area, to visit what was it like”.Well, it is horrible it’s like it shouldn’t open for after all.

Covid 19 Response: Golden Coral

Golden coral is one of the most famous chicken buffets of America’s most popular buffet chains, known for super tasty and amazing chicken buffet and a never-ending chocolate fondue fountain.

While during the Covid-19, restaurants and buffets have to adapt as the govt. guidelines. In golden coral it would be wrong it is hard for people to eat in there without even touching it.

The experience left me with a feeling of uncomfortable dining experts about the numbers of mitigation efforts. Well, the whole dining experience with no touching ridiculously makes me feel worst. I mean how even someone choose the food without even tasting theirs. And now I crave for the time when there is no Coronavirus.

But for now, Welcome to Covid Coral!

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