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Watch Clancy Brown In Dexter Season 9 As A Villain! Trailer Released

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The disastrous “Right Hand” Dexter series finale found him in Oregon, killing his sister Debra and dumping her body in the sea.   

Jennifer Carpenter will return as Debra Morgan in the new season following her death in the show’s eighth season. Julia Jones will portray Angel, the police chief, and Dexter’s love interest. 

The right-handed revival will run for 10 episodes, with original showrunner Clyde Phillips working onboard for the new season after leaving the show following its eighth season.   

Dexter Season 9

Season 9 of Dexter will have ten episodes, and it will have the return of original showrunner Clyde Phillips, who left the show after the fourth season. Six episodes will be directed by Marcos Seiga, who has handled numerous episodes in recent seasons. 

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A brand new trailer for Dexter Season 9 has been unveiled, and it looks like Michael C. Hall, the serial killer, is back to his old habits after years away from our screens. 

Check the trailer here:

The trailer shows Hall fighting off the demons that keep his true identity hidden and offers a great foretaste of what is to come in the upcoming episodes. 

Tonight a new trailer for the upcoming Dexter revival has arrived. The trailer ahead of the highly anticipated return of the Dexter premiere gives an insight into what season 9 of the journey of the serial killers will look like.   

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Path of Exile 2 Proposes To Release Around 2024

The show focuses on Dexter in the years after his disappearance and finds itself in a new state under a new name. A new trailer for the series offers a closer look at the characters “current lives and shows him as a man on the run through the next chapter.   

Clancy Brown In The Dexter Season 9

Clancy Brown is cast as the main villain. She died in the Series Finale 2013, so the exact terms of her appearance in Season 9 are unclear.    

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Today’s new trailer shows us more regarding the role of the villains in season 9, and it shows Dexter and Impulse. We know that Michael C. Hall will return as the villain from season 9 in early fall. But we have yet to learn who that villain will be or who will play Clancy Brown.   

Get ready for Dexter Season 9 as our favorite forensic analyst, and the serial killer story continues this fall. 

Final Words

Fans of Dexter’s critically acclaimed series have been counting down the days until the long-awaited ninth season is released. I hope you like this post. Please stay connected with us for more news and updates!


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