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Churchill Statue Vandalized Again- Boris Is To Introduce Harsher Punishme
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Churchill Statue Vandalized Again- Boris Is To Introduce Harsher Punishment

Churchill Statue Vandalized Again- Boris Is To Introduce Harsher Punishment

police investigation
Source: Shropshirestar.com

Protesters Vandalized Churchill Statue 

Sir Winston Churchill’s statue was vandalized again in Parliament Square. Churchill was Great Britain’s famous wartime leader. The statue of the leader was vandalized with words, such as, “is a racist”. 

teenager wrote Is a racist in the plinth of Churchill's statue
Source: ITV.com

The punishment for such an offence includes the potential for a 10-year jail sentence in England or Wales. It is under the crime of damaging war memorials or graves. Based on this, Express.co.uk asked its readers if the punishment for such vandalization can be harsher. 

Today, in an exclusive poll, Express.co.uk asked, “Should punishment for vandalizing a statue be harsher?”

Out of 3,270 massive voters, 3,227 responded that they want the punishment for such crime to be harsher. And among the rest, 35 voters said no while the remaining eight were unsure of their choice. 

A person also commented on the poll, said, “Definitely stronger punishments for those vandalizing monuments to national heroes.”

While a second person commented, “Rather than money being spent on cleaning up after these criminals, I would rather they were spent on longer custodial sentences!”

Another third person said,

It should be no one’s responsibility to board up statues!

“It’s the police’s responsibility to catch them and send them to court.

“It’s the court’s responsibility to punish them!”

Comments On Poll 

A fourth person commented, “Britain needs to clamp down on protesters. All demonstrations should provide indemnity certificates to the local council so that the council can claim back all repairs, replacements, damages and expenses, replacement statures, police costs, fire and ambulance services and other miscellaneous costs incurred by the demonstrators.”

“Taxpayers should not pay for their damage.”

About three months ago, the Churchill statue was vandalized by BLM protesters in the capital. After that, the statue was boarded up in order to prevent it from being vandalizing or spray painting. 

But as reported by the police, on Thursday, the Churchill statue was AGAIN defaced by a protester. 

The Metropolitan Police have tried to control protests and some other events during this pandemic situation. Extinction Rebellion protesters have been reported to organize demonstrations across the capital over the last ten days. The police arrested 13 topless female protesters on the final day of the protest. 

The demonstration led to the stop of the distribution of The Sun, The Times, The Sun on Sunday, The Sunday Times and The Scottish Sun.


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