Rockaway Beach
Source: NY Daily News
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Four Saved One Still Missing In Rockaways Surf: NYPD To Resume Search On Saturday Morning

Rockaway Beach
Source: The Wave l Rockaway

The rescuers on Friday night took out four people from the ocean off the Rockaways Beach on Friday. One is still missing as the Police had to call off the search on account of the rough waters.

According to the sources of the police, the missing person is a woman in her 20s.

Rescuers will resume their search on Rockaway surf on Saturday morning.

The officers of the NYPD Harbor Unit saved four people from the Rockaways Beach at 84th St. at around 7:38 p.m.

The search was called off close to 9 p.m.

A resident of the area told that he got a rip current alert on his phone.

27-year-old Edwin Gutierrez says “These currents are no joke…A lot of people drown at this beach. You have to be really careful.”

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Mayor’s Appeal To The Rockaways Surfers

Rockaway Beach
Source: SURFER Magazine

Mayor Bill de Blasio urged the people to avoid the Rockaways surf because of the unseasonably warm temperatures of the waters. The search for the last teenager in the Rockway Beach turned into a recovery effort.

However, the third person to be rescued was taken to the hospital with minimal injuries.

The mayor said that everyone is experiencing an unusual heat at Rockaways Beach. So, as a result, extra patrols are being deployed to ensure a fast response in case of an emergency. But it’s essential that everyone prioritise their safety and stay away from the water at the beaches.

In spite of the beautiful weather, the mayor asks people to go for surfing only after making sure that the lifeguards are present.

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This is because the incident took place when the lifeguards were not on Rockaways beach. The City Department of Parks and Recreation police patrolled the area, carrying megaphones and whistles, to keep swimmers away from water.

As of yet, no lead has been obtained on the 5th person.

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