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Tennis Match Featuring Two Gutsy Champions! How Naomi Osaka Showed More Heart?

The formidable core Tennis player Naomi Osaka wore her heart on her face. However, even before she could strike a ball open.

She did not want the whole world to oversee it; in fact, she wanted to show the fans and the world as a whole.

Where everyone was accustomed to was a mask, her whole heart was right there. 2020 U.S. Open took place in that bubble.

It’s been 12 days when Osaka first appeared against Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor is an EMT from Louisville. Moreover, Taylor was shot on her mask by the police when they entered the apartment.

Taylor planned to wear all the six masks, As she wanted to make it to the finals. To complete her mission, she wore all seven.

On Saturday, she had her finals against Victoria Azarenka. The 31-year-old Azarenka is the former world No. 1. Additionally, she is the two-time major champion.

One Of The Best?

Azarenka has been the one on the top of the sport. She has been one of the best in 2020. When 2020 is being considered as one of the ill-fated years in the whole history.

To Osaka, it was embarrassing to her to lose and that too under an hour.

Osaka is only 22-year-old. She is from Haitian, Japan. She played big. Her hair is too adorable and lengthy.

However, she has won three-time Grand Slam champion and edging Azarenka, 1-6, 6-3, 6-3.

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