Chainsaw Man Anime Premiere Is Announced For October 2022 | Here All Details

Given that Attack on Titan was created by the same Japanese studio, MAPPA, their newest release is met with a certain level of anticipation.

It’s based on a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, and it seems like a bloody, violent show about a devil hunter who gets resurrected from the dead with the ability to pull a string on his chest and transform into a devil-human hybrid with a chainsaw for a head.

This month, we were treated to a new trailer for the series, along with specifics like when we can expect it to be available and who will be in the cast.

The essential information about the upcoming anime series Chainsaw Man is presented here.c

Chainsaw Man release date

It’s been a long time coming, but the Chainsaw Man anime has finally been confirmed to premiere on the streaming service Crunchyroll in October of 2022.

We haven’t had a specific air date confirmed just yet but expect one to be released soon. If/when a release date is established, we will post an update here.

More About Chainsaw Man Anime

Denji’s narrative is the focus of Chainsaw Man. The story takes place on a planet inhabited by supernatural beings known as devils. When people start to worry about anything, a demon is born, and the more worried people get, the stronger that the devil gets. In exchange for being resurrected as a human with a devil’s heart after his death, Denji makes a deal with a devil. Originally planned for Anime Expo earlier this year, the announcement was postponed since the trailer wasn’t ready in time. The team behind the anime has already unveiled a teaser and a major visual.

The trailer features eye-popping images complimented by a catchy musical score. The character designs, too, are looking quite manga-accurate, with each character’s unique personality and style captured. The crew evidently wanted the announcement for the anime to be as thrilling as possible for fans, so they waited until they had everything ready before making the announcement.

The Plot of Chainsaw Man

In the story of Chainsaw Man, a young man named Denji has to work as a Devil Hunter to pay off his father’s debt to the yakuza. Those with the Devil Hunter title are tasked with tracking down and eliminating demons that cause devastation on Earth. The yakuza soon turn on Denji, and in order to save his life, his friend Pochita merges with him, becoming his heart, and transforming him into the eponymous Chainsaw Man.

Soon enough, Denji is working side-by-side with Makima, a top-tier public-service Devil Hunter, on perilous missions to eradicate the Devils that threaten Japan’s security. His once-simple life is radically altered after he meets other Devil Hunters and even Devils. Eventually, Denji learns that everything is not as it seems.

Currently, the “Public Safety Arc” of Chainsaw Man has been compiled across eleven volumes. In July of 2022, serialization of the season 2 of the story, named “School Arc,” got underway. Approximately twenty-four episodes are planned for the anime’s two courses, while it remains unknown how closely the adaptation will adhere to the source material. Studio MAPPA will have plenty of time to cover the first 52 episodes, bringing the Bomb Devil Arc to a close. The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is in good hands with MAPPA, who have previously produced such fan-favorites as Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, so viewers are in for a treat.

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