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Who is Candice On TikTok, What is The Punchline Behind The Joke?

If you’re one of those people who often watch TikTok videos, then more than likely you have wondered about Candice. No, she is not the Candice from Phineas and Ferb. Whew, that was a close one! But really folks… keep the silly jokes aside: this is serious business with TikTok and its challenge What is Candice and who is this meme about?

So, in case you’re wondering: is Candice real? You might have also come across hashtags like #CandiceChallenge on TikTok. It’s a trend where people make videos and then abruptly cut off before the punchline (possibly imbued with an unsettling mood). TikTok has 10 billion monthly active users under 30 years old. However, with over 150 million Americans using TikTok on a daily basis, the question remains: Who is Candice on TikTok? So, who started this challenge? If you’re not an avid TikTok user, here’s a rundown on the “Candice appearance” meme.

But, a clever person is surely not going to fall for these jokes.Who is Candice on Tiktok

Who is Candice on TikTok?

Candice is not a real person, the name is just used to play a joke on an unrelated person. Some questions relating to this meme are Are you aware Candice died today? and Have you met Candice ?” However, when the user records the video while trying to prank someone and skewers on his/her reactions, they cut out the punchline from the video.

What does the “Who is Candice” meme mean actually?

Well, the meaning is surely hilarious. It can either lead you to the coast of a laugh or bulk of embarrassment. As normal humans go, when somebody will ask you Let us go to Candice today, you would reply with Who is Candice ?

This is the end. The conversation goes like this:

Person 1: Hey! Do You Know Candice [died] yesterday?

Person 2: Who is Candice?

Therefore, Person 2 is either done with deep embarrassment or laughs.

Secondly, the urban dictionary also has an entry for Candice. So if your friends ask you about this joke and whether shes alive or dead we can avoid getting trapped in it. Reply to them with answers like Yes, Candice was a good human just in case they question her death

How does such a pun get famous on TikTok?

The people who use TikTok are experiencing the next big thing. It’s not just about being a meme on social media, it’s about staying posts for more than 30 seconds.

One of the great stories of TikTok is Candice with her toothbrush. You might not be Candice, but you can still do your part by making the internet a better place.

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