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Han So Hee became a household name when she starred in two popular South Korean drama series titled The World Of The Married and Nevertheless. Despite being a model and renowned K-drama actress, Han So Hee’s personal life is not widely discussed due to her ongoing celebrity status.

Korean actress Han So Hee is a new addition to the Korean entertainment industry. Currently, she is not married and does not have a boyfriend.

 Nevertheless Star Han So Hee In A Relationship?

Despite being in her early 30s, Han So Hee has not discussed what her relationship status is. The actress hasn’t mentioned anything about whether or not she possesses a significant other and the typical fan gossip indicates it may be possible she doesn’t possess one at all.

Han So Hee is linked to her co-star, Song Kang by numerous viewers of Nevertheless who have been praising the two for oozing chemistry both on-screen and off.

There were some who claimed that Han So Hee and Song Kang could have a real-life relationship, as they have been often seen on set alone without the cameras rolling.

There, unfortunately, is no denying that Han So Hee and Song Kang look good together in Nevertheless. However, both of them have yet to confirm their relationship status. In the meantime, fans should take everything currently said about these actors with a grain of salt until it’s proven true.Han So Hee Relationship Status 2021

Nevertheless, Actress Han So Hee Quits Gentleman Movie?

Korean actress Han So Hee decided to step down from the film in order to focus on her health. The movie was supposed to be Song Kang’s first joint project with Park Sung Woong and Ju Ji Hoon, portraying a role as prosecutor.

The talent agency 9ato released a statement following Han So Hee s resignation. Despite her busy schedule, Han So Hee had hoped to star in Gentleman. But due to health concerns such as accumulated fatigue and the doctor’s recommendation that she rest, Han So-hee has decided to focus on recovering her health (and not participate in the film) after discussing with the production team and agency.

For starters, Gentleman is a film about a private investigator (Ju Ji Hoon) who is framed for a murder. Though the framing left him in an intense criminal case, he wouldn’t break under pressure. In the process of investigating a serial killer, he teamed up with another prosecutor Han So Hee. Park Sung Woong will play an intelligent and wicked character in this film.Han So Hee Relationship Status 2021

Gentleman is set to premiere in 2022, but it remains unclear if Han So Hee s departure will impact the production schedule. The actress also became a married woman before the age of 25, when she wed her co-star Lee Jang Woo in 2010.

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