Did Jax And Brittany Get Divorced? Is Rumors True?

Recently, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have sparked divorce rumors, so Vanderpump Rules fans decided to investigate.

Despite the fact that the couple is no longer featured on the show, many remain invested in their relationship. The couple welcomed a son together over a year ago, but their relationship has had its ups and downs.

Jax cheated on Brittany, as he had done with all of his previous partners, and their mutual friends urged Brittany to leave him. Instead, the couple decides to wed, but will their union last?

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright said in December 2020 that they would not be back on Vanderpump Rules.

Brittany wrote at the time on Instagram, “The last five years on Vanderpump Rules have been some of the most challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling years of my life.” “It’s hard to say this, but Jax and I won’t be back for another season of Vanderpump Rules.

She also said, “We’re glad to have this time to focus on our growing family and tell you about our new plans.”

At least on the surface, it looks like things between the network and the couple didn’t get wrong.

TMZ says that the network and the couple did not have “bad blood” with each other. Instead, the couple broke up because they thought the show was going in a direction that didn’t fit with their new family life.

Since then, Jax and Brittany have been busy taking care of little Cauchi, but some fans started to think that Jax and Brittany’s marriage could end up like Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s.

A Reddit user named @ItsNotAllHappening said on November 18 that they think the couple is going to split up.

“It seems like these two are up to something. Has anyone else noticed?” they asked. “While she was in Kentucky with Cruz for more than a week, he stayed back and said on an Instagram live that he needed a break from them… Recently, he hasn’t liked any of her Instagram photos. Not pictures of her alone or even a video of her with Cruz. She hasn’t liked or said anything about his posts since August.”

The post continued:

He didn’t attend Halloween parties with his family aside from the one they hosted. Totally skipped Halloween night with Cruz to stay home and rant on IG live.

She hasn’t deleted any of the comments on her posts suggesting he’s cheating or asking where he has been.

There was that blind a few weeks ago that said he was only at home to film videos for IG and then he leaves for a few days.

He claims to have several social anxiety and doesn’t leave the house. Yet went to hockey games, and an event out of town alone that was completely packed. Then went to the Prego Expo he was fired from (“to learn and hear from moms”) without Britt who is a MOM.

Many VPR fans said in the comments that this was about time.

“I knew Brittany was lying when she left without telling anyone and went to Las Vegas. One fan said on the post, “I knew then that something was up.” “She’s not my favorite, but I really like what you did for her. He never really cared about her. I’m not sure if she could do better, but I know she couldn’t do worse.”

“Absolutely, something’s up! I’ve also been keeping up with this on the snark sub,” someone else wrote. “Right now, the biggest red flag is that she just got back from Kentucky, but Cruz hasn’t posted about it yet. It’s definitely fishy!”

“The other night, my friend saw him alone at Tomtom, which seems strange. I think he would be too angry to go there,” said a third. “Fans would be the only reason.”

“I still can’t believe she married him,” a Brittany supporter said. “No matter what he did to try to make her stay, she left anyway. And then, through that beautiful child, she tied herself to him for life. Brit, in the years to come, you should love yourself more.”

But now Jax is defending his marriage in public.

The Hollywood Gossip says that a fan wrote a picture of the couple and asked if they were breaking up.

“You both look so good together! Please tell me that the rumors of a divorce are not true! “[Red heart] You belong together,” they wrote. “We’d never get a divorce because we don’t believe in it. “I don’t know why people say that,” Jax said.

The news outlet wasn’t too sure about Jax’s answer, especially since he didn’t defend his love for his wife but instead defended the marriage contract.

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