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A Woman From Miami, Raises Concern About Medical Negligence - The Tech Education
Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
Source: Daily Mail
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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Costs The Life Of A Woman From Miami, Raises Concern About Medical Negligence

A 46 year old woman dies of complications during her Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Costs Life

In a fateful incident, Gia Romoluado-Rodriguez lost her life when she was undergoing a butt lift surgery in Miami. Actually Gia is a transgender and is currently undergoing medical procedures to transform into a woman. And this surgery was a part of her transition process as she wanted perfect features to be a woman.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
Source: Instagram

But unfortunately the 46 year old woman had to pay a hefty price for this surgery. And that was, her precious life. It is said that the fat injected to her butts didn’t really go well with her. As her oxygen level began to drop during the surgery.

Miami based surgeon Dr. Stephanie Stover was in charge of her surgery. During the undergoing process, Dr. Stover suddenly noticed her dropping pulse rate and immediately took her to a nearby hospital. But it was too late, as she was pronounced dead on arrival. As for the reports, it is stated that she suffered a sudden blockage in her artery(embolism) due to the fats that were injected into her butt.

Although it was a sheer case of medical negligence, but the medical authorities said that it was a case of accidental death. And that, it has nothing to do with any sort of medical negligence.

Is This Surgery Really Risky?

Well, we all tend to dream of getting perfect body features, and some people are ready to go to any extent to enhance their physical features. And that is when they opt of these kind of surgeries.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
Source: Daily Mail

As we are talking about Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, Gia was not the first person who lost her life due to the complications. As per reports, more than 20 people have lost their lives during this surgery in Miami alone. So this really raises safety concerns.

So, as a part of these surgeries, fats are injected to the body parts one wishes to transform.

But these fats sometimes don’t really go well with the body’s metabolism and might in turn form a clot. It is reported that more than five people have lost their lives due to fat clots. So the question here is, is this medical negligence?

Well, maybe yes! Because during these surgeries, fats are removed from one part of the body and injected to another. This procedure itself looks risky. Therefore the doctors need to follow certain protocols to ensure the safety of the clients in the first place. And conduct certain medical tests to ensure whether their client is actually fit for the surgery.

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