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az6, c, qa, 4c, rwq, rh, icu, ip, Abigail Spencer Showed Off Her Stylish Figure In An Olive Green Midi Dre
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Abigail Spencer Showed Off Her Stylish Figure In An Olive Green Midi Dress In LA

Abigail Spencer Showed Off Her Stylish Figure In An Olive Green Midi Dress In LA

Abigail Spencer showed off her stylish figure while running errands in LA. She looked extremely gorgeous and stylish in an olive green midi dress on Wednesday. It was a belted frock which stunningly flaunted her slim waist.

The 39-year-old actress was spotted to be chatting over her phone with someone. She carried a fringed suede purse on her shoulder. She matched her dress with a chic black sandals and her hair kept loose. Also, the actress accessorized her classy look with tortoiseshell sunglasses. She covered the major part of her face with a white face mask. And, her broken wrist seemed totally fine now.

The actress went under a painful wrist surgery in May, after she performed a back handspring for a coronavirus relief video. That led to a painful injury in her wrist. Before the surgery, she uploaded a post on her Instagram story as she was en route to the hospital with a friend of her.

She captioned the video as: ‘My arm is my new favorite prop.’

Apart from these videos, Abigail also shared a few support messages from her family members and close friends.

She also made a post after arriving at the hospital while waiting in the waiting room. ‘That pandemic pre-surgery waiting room life,’ she wrote as she sported a face mask over her mouth and nose.

‘It was just me [in the waiting room],’ she wrote. ‘We all wore masks. Everyone was so careful and mindful. The staff was incredible.’ She added.

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She admitted that ‘that hardest part of the whole ordeal was having to go it alone.’

‘But I had so many of you with me in spirit. I did not feel alone. Thank you!’

Abigail declared the news of her broken wrist on Thursday on social media.



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