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Boldness At Its Best! As Miley Cyrus Rocks Social Media With Her Sensuous Nude Selfies

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to share some really sensuous selfies!

Miley Cyrus Shares Sensuous Nude Selfies

The Midnight Sky singer rocked social media as she posted as series of sensuous selfies. As Miley decided to go all ‘nude’ and click some really bold pictures.

Miley Cyrus
Source: Daily Mail

Miley took some mirror selfies baring her nude body which was partially visible in the mirror. As she flaunted her bold eye makeup that consisted of golden eye shadow and her bold red lips. She carried herself quite confidently as she gave some really bold poses. But she made sure that she covered all her assets using her arms and her phone as well.

Therefore Miley played it safe! But no wonder with these pictures she took boldness and sensuousness to the next level. Also her caption read ‘bisous’ which is a French term. And it means Kiss.

Her Stand Against Sexism

Miley is known for her bold behavior and is always known to take a stand for what is right. Recently the singer had opened up about how she has faced sexism in the industry.

Recently during a podcast Miley spoke up about how she became the victim of sexism during a recent award ceremony. She brusted out her anger an a director who gave sexist comments on her. Actually she wanted the beauty lights to be turned off but the dieector was reluctant to do so because he thinks that woman need beauty lights.

Miley Cyrus
Source: Daily Mail

That’s what irked Miley because it was really a sexist thing to do. Why the male actors are not given beauty lights when performed? Is it because everyone sees woman as a commodity who can entertain people just by her looks and not her talent?

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That is what Miley asked when the director was refusing to turn off the beauty lights during her performance. So Miley’s testimony on sexism was really appreciated by many.

And even we are glad that she spoke up against sexism happening everywhere be it in the entertainment industry or in our daily lives.

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