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Exclusive: Why Is Denise Richards Leaving The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!?

The American actress, Denise Richards what’s the first who join the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in 2018. However, the gorgeous actress is leaving now.

According to a source, the actress has pronounced about her departure. This is shocking news for everyone. Richards representative confirmed it on Wednesday.

Just before a few hours of the premiere of part two of the three-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion. It got premiered on Bravo.

On 26th of August, season ten had a dramatic conclusion. Even the whole plot was surrounded by Richards’ alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

Affair: True Or Rumour?

Brandi Glanville is the former co-star, and he left the series five years back in 2015. The actor stated that she ‘hooked up’ with Richards in April 2019. They met on the movie set in April.

Aaron Phypers is the husband of Richards. They both tied the knot in 2018. Furthermore, Richard has denied all the allegations of an affair with Glanville.

In February, Denise pronounced that she is entirely monogamous to her husband, Phypers, when a broad audience asked her about the reality of the affair rumours.

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