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7mr, z, Another Stimulus Check: Isn't Beneficial Anymore For All Those Who Got Their First Check - The Tech Education
Stimulus Check
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Another Stimulus Check: Isn’t Beneficial Anymore For All Those Who Got Their First Check

Corona Virus Pandemic has engulfed the whole USA and devastated it. The ones who were affected the most were the low-income citizens. In fact, they lost their employment and have become jobless.

However, It seems that they are going to suffer more. As the guidelines and eligibility criteria for getting a second Stimulus check has been morphed.

Previously, Single people earning $75000 or less, were eligible for getting this amount. Similarly, married people earning $150000 or less were eligible for this. But the guidelines have been changed this time.

Although, the $3trillion packages have already passed by the congressional leaders. So that it can counter the evil side of the pandemic. Another aid is in progress which might pass by the end of this month.

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Many Americans are waiting for another check. As that is the only way they can overcome their economic hardships at the time of Pandemic.

The house has already passed the second stimulus check bill. Furthermore, it says that the individuals shall get up to $1200 and the couples will up to $2400.

$40,000 Cap Proposal

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader suggested that people earning less than $40,000 should get another round of stimulus checks. As they are the most affected ones. As the report says 40% of the total people earning $40000 or less have lost their jobs and employment opportunities. Currently, they are striving hard to survive.
Although, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif didn’t dismiss Mitch’s plan. But they were a bit reluctant about $40000 is the limit.

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Moreover, the other democrats are unwilling to accept the suggestion. As they believe that it would be a very lower limit. According to the HEROES, the people shall get $1200. Condition apply a single person must earn less than $75000.

Stimulus Check
Source: CNBC News

According to the Internet Revenue Service, a total of 159 million checks of $276 billion were distributed in the first stimulus check.

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