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muu, 8, d, awg, ur, m2g, ro, as, 69o, 56, b, kc, 2j, sjv, Black Man Falsely Accused Of Possessing Gun By A Woman in Ravenna, Which In Turn Made Her Call The Cops - The Tech Education
Source: Daily Mail
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Black Man Falsely Accused Of Possessing Gun By A Woman in Ravenna, Which In Turn Made Her Call The Cops

The United States is witnessing a huge anti-racist movement. But another case of racial discrimination was witnessed in Ravenna.

Black Man Accused Of Possessing Gun, Cops Called By Woman In Ravenna

As we know that racial discrimination has been going on in the country since time immemorial. People of color have seen facing discrimination and stereotypes. And that is what happened in Ravenna recently.

Source: Daily Mail

Actually it took place in Portage Country Job and Family Services where a black man Darren Cooper was sitting inside his car. As he was inside his car sipping a cup of tea and talking over phone a woman was noticing him.

And with a bizarre turn of events that particular woman called the police!

And the reason was that she thought he possessed a gun. Therefore she was terrified and called the police who immediately arrived. The very next moment he us asked to put his hands up.

Therefore the searched his car  and obviously  didn’t find any anything. But they asked Cooper to follow them and was eventually detained.

So Cooper was quite perplexed because he didn’t understand what was happening. But he rather chosed to cooperate with the police and went with them.

What Happened Next?

Well in a statement Cooper has described everything that happened on that particular day. And he said that he decided to cooperate with the police and said that he was no possessing any guns.

Source: Daily Mail

That is when the Ravenna cops told him that they got a call from the dentist’s office nearby. And the caller was a woman who said that she was sure that the black man sitting inside his Mustang possesses guns. Thus he is a threat and she was sounding quite terrified. But later on everything was clarified.

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Also Cooper said that he wants the woman to be charge for putting false allegations on him.

But the police have refused to do so because that might create panic. And might discourage other citizens to raise an alarm when they feel something is fishy?

So honestly wasn’t this entire incident an example of racial stereotyping? The woman just perceived that man to be dangerous just because of his skin color.

With people coming out and protesting against racial discrimination, incidents like this actually puts the entire nation to shame.

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