Bachelorette Georgia Love Talks All About Her Postponed Marriage Rituals With fiance Lee Elliot – Here’s What Woud Would Want To Know!


Our lovely Bachelorette Georgia Love is 31-year-old. And sadly enough, she had to cancel her wedding date twice already. She had to previously cancel her lavish wedding in Italy due to the unwanted coronavirus pandemic. And now, the couple was forced to postpone the wedding date held in Tasmania. The Tasmanian wedding they planned was all set to go and then, pandemic happened, a little too serious and a little too dangerous.

The herald sun reported that the couple has fixed a wedding and are rooting for the year 2021. She also says how much she wants the wedding to go as per they have planned. Furthermore, she said that at no cost would she want to cancel her third marriage to her beloved fiancee Lee Elliot.


Georgia – Elliott Wedding Plans And Issues!

Because as chaotic the things are going. The couple had originally planned their wedding in Italy because it was her dream to get married to someone as Lee in a place like Italy. As usual, corona destroyed many things around the world and so their wedding was one of them too. The media personality told how everything was set to happen in Italy and how it all had just gone out of the window. Coming further they then settled for a wedding in Tasmania and now they just had to change the dates. How heartbreaking this is. The lovebirds who so want to get married can’t because a strange virus comes to the town.

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Explaining further she said that she doesn’t want to arrange another wedding and just end up cancelling it too. Despite her love life and wedding is in jeopardy, she had launched a new sleepwear range named as Georgia Elliott. Which by the way is so beautiful and adorable.

The adorable television presenter had already started to finalize her wedding dresses! When the order of an immediate shut down was announced. The couple further said that even if by next year Italy would become fine they don’t want their friends and families and guests to put that kind of money. It’s already a tragedy that people have lost so much and their jobs say the kind bride-to-be.


We wish them a rocking wedding though. And that it happens soon.

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