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q, m, Baby Blue From The Pretty Ricky Charged $24 Million Under COVID Relief Fraud Scheme - The Tech Education
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Baby Blue From The Pretty Ricky Charged $24 Million Under COVID Relief Fraud Scheme

A South Florida rapper and reality star charged and accused of pocketing coronavirus relief money to buy a Ferrari. Diamond Blue Smith of  “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” and a member of the group Pretty Ricky, arrested along with Tonye C. Johnson of Pennsylvania for their roles in a $24 million COVID-19 relief fraud scheme. BabyBlue kept himself busy during the pandemic, but seems like some of his pastimes landed him in trouble with the law! According to a press release made by the Department of Justice, Baby Blue racked up some governmental credits for his alleged engagement in a COVID relief fund scam!

Baby Blue charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud due to his alleged involvement. It is a scam to file more than $24 million in fraudulent COVID relief applications. Baby Blue, along with Tonye, allegedly “conspired with others to receive millions of dollars in deceitful PPP loans.”

LHHMIA: Who Is 'Spectacular' Smith's Family? | Baby Blue

Baby Blue’s Affirmed Robbery

It is affirmed that Baby Blue scored a PPP accommodation for an extra $400,000 for his business. LLC, through the use of falsified documents. After getting that bag, he filed for a mortgage of over $700,000 for his other company, Blue star Records LLC. Reportedly he dropped almost $100K on a Ferrari, which authorisations arrested once he detained.

The press released various names, other people who were allegedly involved in the scam, saying:

“The complaints allege that Smith and Johnson conspired with others to obtain millions of dollars in fraudulent PPP loans. The complaints allege that the scheme involved the preparation of at least 90 fraudulent applications, most of which were submitted. Many of those loan applications were approved and funded by financial institutions, paying out at least $17.4 million.”

Chance The Rapper guests on Action Bronson's 'Baby Blue' - Chicago Tribune

The other 11 defendants allegedly involved in this scheme:

  • Joshua J. Bellamy, 31.
  • Tiara Walker, 37.
  • Damion O. Mckenzie, 38.
  • Andre M. Clark, 46.
  • Keyaira Bostic, 31.
  • Phillip J. Augustin, 51.
  • Wylie Nashon Williams, 44.
  • James R. Stote, 54.
  • Ross Charno, 46.
  • Deon D. Levy, 50.
  • Abdul-Azeem Lev.
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Other Headlines of Baby Blue:

Baby Blue The last time made headlines when he got into a physical dispute on the set of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ over some drama including his ex-girlfriend. The victim penned down a long message detailing what she called a physical assault against her. Including accusations that he punched her in the stomach while pregnant. She also posted a now-deleted photograph that shows a domestic violence leaflet from the police department. “Ain’t nothing fake they waiting for his ass once he comes back in the country.” He also welcomed his baby boy recently.

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