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Father! Click To Know The Full Case - The Tech Education
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Ten Month Old Baby Girl Dies After Being Raped By Her Father! Click To Know The Full Case

The demise of the baby young girl happened after her father raped her. The crazy man waited for an hour. After an hour, he called 911. According to the investigators he got from his home at Montgomery County home.

This world is full of Murder and crime. Rape cases are increasing day by day. The most shocking thing you will ever get on the internet today is the news of a baby girl being raped by her father.

The name of the brutal man is Austin Stevens. He is just 29 years old. Her father is from Lower Providence Township. After this incident happened, the man was arrested.

However, he has been charged with forcing the sexual intercourse, raping a minor that to a baby girl, aggravated indecent assault and other related offences.

Three days back on Saturday, police were called to Germantown Road. At 10:40 p.m., on the 3400 blocks, police arrived in Lower Providence Township, Pennsylvania.

However, police arrived when they caught a report of an unresponsive infant. At the time when Cops arrived, Stevens was a line near the dead baby. The baby girl was onlyten0 months old. She was being named Zara Scruggs.

Zara Scruggs was lying unresponsive there. However, within no time, she was taken to a hospital. At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, she was pronounced dead. On Sunday 12:12 a.m., Zara Scruggs was pronounced as dead.

Unresponsive Irresponsible Father Or Criminal?

The brutal man, Steven’s mobile phone, was searched. According to the investigators, before an hour calling 911, the criminal conducted several Google searches.

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His series of searches include, what to do if a child stops breathing, what can be done if you cannot hear baby’s heartbeat, how to know if a baby is not alive anymore. The investigators proclaimed this thing.

Not only related to the topics, Stevens even spoke to two ladies before calling 911. He texted the ladies via social media when he was lying near his unresponsive baby, whom he killed by raping her and left her to die.

On Sunday, after the death of 10-month-old Zara Scruggs, the autopsy was received. According to the autopsy report, it was crystal clear that the reason for the demise is sexual assault. However, the baby suffers from blunt force trauma in the head as well.

Moreover, the manner and the cause of death is still unknown and yet to be found.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, it is an alarming case for him. The cause of the baby’s death is traumatic.

However, the main reason being the sexual assault of the baby, and the late response of her father to save her, forced her to die.

Montgomery County Correctional Facility remanded Stevens. When Stevens failed to make 1 million dollar bail, he was remanded. Furthermore, the preliminary hearing has been scheduled for October 13.

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