ASAP Rocky dating timeline

ASAP Rocky dating timeline history: from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna


Is ASAP Rocky dating anybody, and if so, who are his ex-girlfriends? Following his public declaration of love for Rihanna, A$AP Rocky has abandoned his Lothario persona and declared himself a one-woman man.

Additionally, the couple announced in January 2022 that they are expecting their first child together! The rapper has reportedly been dating the singer and Fenty founder since late 2019, having first been romantically linked in 2013 when he accompanied her on her Diamonds World Tour.

Rocky has a history of being a lady’s man, so in case you missed it, here’s a checklist of the rapper’s past girlfriends and alleged flings.


Rumblings ASAP Rocky and Rihanna began dating in January 2020, just months after the singer ended her three-year relationship with businessman Hassan Jameel.

The longtime friends were spotted cuddling up at the 2020 Yams Day Benefit Concert in New York City, just days after they shared the red carpet at London’s Royal Albert Hall for the Fashion Awards.

In December 2020, reports confirmed the pair were once again enjoying each other’s company in New York City.

Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was later spotted in Barbados on vacation with Rihanna.

The rapper revealed their relationship in a May 2020 GQ cover interview, where he referred to the ‘Wild Thoughts’ singer as “the One.”

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“The love of my life,” Rocky exclaimed over Rihanna before addressing her as “My lady.” He stated that being in a relationship is “incredibly superior” to the alternative.

“It’s so much better when you’ve acquired the One. She is maybe similar to a million of the other ones,” Rocky explained. “I believe that when you know, you know. She is the Only One.”

On Tuesday night (Nov 30), reports circulated that Rihanna expected A$AP Rocky’s child.

Rumors were fueled by photographs of Rihanna attending a ceremony in which she was formally named a Barbados national hero.

Fans were certain they noticed signs of pregnancy in RiRi’s body language.

Kendall Jenner

Rocky and Kendall Jenner were longtime friends before they were romantically coupled in 2016.

The reported pair has been sighted together several times over the globe, from Paris and New York to Miami and Jenner’s hometown of Los Angeles.

They were alleged “all over one other” during Coachella in April 2020, before the rumors were all but confirmed the following month at the Met Gala.

Photographs from the night show the duo clinging to one other’s hips throughout the evening until Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat effectively sealed the deal.

Kylie Jenner was seen kneeling to photograph Kendall and Rocky having what seemed to be an extremely personal moment.

Kendall faced away from the camera as Rocky gripped her behind with both hands as they looked to be on the verge of sharing a kiss. Neither party ever verified the rumors officially.

Tahiry Jose 

Around the time A$AP Rocky was dating Kendall Jenner, Tahiry Jose was romantically connected to him. Jose’s pal said Jose and Rocky had been in a secretive on-again, off-again relationship for almost three years.

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Jose, she said, was “extremely emotional” on the night of the 2017 Met Gala, after Rocky’s appearance with Kendall at the event.

“Tahiry broke down and began weeping in front of me when she watched A$AP and Kendall on television together. However, I had to inform her that you two are not exclusive, “a friend said. Neither party confirmed the rumors.

Rita Ora

Rocky’s purported liaison with Rita Ora, a British singer, was mired in public controversy. In May 2015, the rapper faced widespread backlash for remarks about her on his album At. Long.

During a subsequent interview, Rocky corrected his remarks. “I just want to clarify that this is not me stating that people should avoid listening to Rita Ora or that she is an awful person,” he stated.

“I’m not saying she’s a bad person; I’m just stating that when I was in a relationship with her and did things I wasn’t allowed to do, she had a big mouth.”

Ora described Rocky’s lyrics as “tasteless” in an interview with Glamour magazine, adding that “disrespecting women” is not acceptable.

“This is not a personal matter for me. It’s about women,” she said. “It’s about women being disrespected. That is not acceptable.”

“There is more to a person than the person with whom you are currently dating. Do not discount anything I’ve accomplished in my work due to someone I was dating – assuming I was dating that person at all, which was not the case. Let us be quite clear about this. That was not the case. And I never will.”

Chanel Iman

A$AP In early 2013, Rocky began dating Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman. They kept their romance relatively covert yet attended countless events and red carpets together.

In April 2014, speculations circulated that the pair had been engaged after the rapper’s proposal to Iman, which she “happily accepted.”

However, owing to their hectic travel schedules, the couple called off their engagement and parted six months later.

Iggy Azalea

In 2011, Rocky began dating Australian artist Iggy Azalea, whom he met via a mutual acquaintance. Iggy inscribed the title of Rocky’s blockbuster mixtape, love, on her arm during their relationship.

Iggy confirmed their connection in a January 2021 interview with Vibe Magazine, implying that Rocky also got a tattoo in her honor.

“That is all there is to it. We have our thing going on, and I am not alone in getting tattoos,”‘ She said.

“That I will state. [Laughs] I’m the only One who has it on the tip of my fingers!” The duo, however, allegedly ended their romance later that year, with Iggy eventually erasing the ‘A$AP’ portion of her tattoo.

Kari Mayers, A$AP Rocky’s stepmother, raved over the rapstress in 2016, telling Hollywood Life that the rapper’s family was “sorry when things ended with Iggy because she was such a nice person, and so down to earth.”

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