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Are ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Still Together With Kody?

Fans of the polygamous Brown family on the TV show Sister Wives were shown the distance between them when they reunited in season 15. The stars live at least 15 minutes from each other and are divided between an Arizona property and another in Utah.

Janelle Avery Brown wanted to see how she could maintain a strong relationship with her sister’s wives despite living at opposite ends of the country.

What has happened with your relationships? In her confession, Janelle voiced frustration over what she sees as complacency in the family. That can’t be true.

Janelle organized a sit-down lunch with her husband Kody Brown, her sister wives Meri Brown and Christine Brown, and the wife Robyn to discuss their reasons for living in plural marriage.

Are Janelle Brown and the sister wives still together with Kody Brown? I read that they were on a break.

I did it because I loved the whole idea of this family, but they’re basically exhausted. I really felt like we would get some progression, right? The whole idea is to overcome our crap, but they

Meri added I don t know. For me, growing up in a polygamous family was just like being raised in it.Are ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Still Together With Kody

“My grandmas were, for sure,” Christine explained. “They just loved each other and stuck together after my grandfather died.”

Robyn said The big family thing was always really cool to me. I loved when I first met you guys, how you different people functioned together.
I loved it.

I’ve asked myself a lot lately, “are sister wives still together with Kody?” I don t want to be a proponent of plural marriage any longer because I can see now more than ever the hypocrisies and unfairnesses in relationships. I know I have all the love I need. There’s no one who wants me more than you and my sisters.

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Kody shared more about his feelings on plural worth in his confessional. We came into this by way of commandment. We felt like we had to live it and that it was the better way. Kody Brown faced the reality of how challenging it is with the many wives.

Kody and four of his wives didn’t manage to settle their disputes during this episode. It seems they still have a lot of work ahead of them in order to get their relationships back to a good place.

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