Are Jenna Ortega And Pete Davidson Dating? Let’s Explore The Truth!

In the last few weeks, Tim Burton’s Wednesday series on Netflix has become a surefire hit, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Pete Davidson and actress Jenna Ortega are now being talked about as a new couple.

Pete Davidson is a comedian who used to be on Saturday Night Live. In the past, he has been linked to a number of successful women. There have also been rumors that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are no longer together.

Is Jenna Ortega dating Pete Davidson? All fans still don’t know, but this article will answer all of your questions. Read the whole article to learn everything you need to know.

Are Jenna Ortega And Pete Davidson Dating?

jenna ortega and pete davidson

There isn’t a single piece of evidence that Davidson and Jenna Ortega are dating, which is different from how other celebrity relationships began. They don’t even talk to each other online or run into each other on social media.

There are no paparazzi pictures of them together, and they haven’t worked on any projects together. Instead, people are talking about how it might happen on the internet, which is a small chance in and of itself.

As of right now, it looks like both Davidson and Ortega are single and not exclusively linked to anyone, so maybe they will get together in the future. Even if that doesn’t happen, Davidson will definitely end up dating someone famous. I hope your question about “Is Jenna Ortega Dating Pete Davidson?” has been answered.

Why Do Some Think That Jenna Ortega And Pete Davidson Are Dating?

Fans seem to have made guessing who Pete will date next into a game, and Jenna is the latest target.

They seem to be way ahead of the game, though, because the Saturday Night Live star is still said to be dating model Emily Ratajkowski, even though neither of them has said this for sure. Pete and Emily were, however, seen together a few weeks ago at an NBA game.

What about Jenna Ortega? Well, the idea seems to have come out of nowhere after a Twitter user posted pictures of the Wednesday actress and Kim Kardashian’s ex at separate red carpet-events.

The post got thousands of responses, and many people told the person who made it to take it down before it got out of hand. (We think that one is a little too late!)

So, for now, it doesn’t look like the two are dating, and a tweet that was supposed to be a joke about Pete’s expensive dating life seems to have gone too far. But who knows what the future will bring?!

Fans Reaction:

When things like this happen, people go to Twitter, and it looks like they don’t like the idea of Jenna and Pete dating:

One user wrote: “If Pete Davidson bags Jenna Ortega I might just do nothing about it but cry.”

Some fans are just flabbergasted that people believe the couple rumors will become a thing:

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