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Jackson White And Grace Van Patten Dating: Jackson White Confirms Dating Grace Van Patten From “Tell Me Lies”

Jackson White is an upcoming actor who is best known for his recent role in the film “Tell Me Lies.” He has recently confirmed that he is dating co-star Grace Van Patten.

Jackson White confirmed that he is dating his “Tell Me Lies” co-star Grace Van Patten at the 2022 CFDA Awards on Monday night by showing a strip of photos that included one of them kissing.

Jackson White, who is 26, joked about hiding the kissing photo with a peeking face emoji on his Instagram Story. However, that wasn’t enough to keep the secret hidden, as he and Van Patten, who is 25, also posed for photos at the event holding hands.

The two have been teasing their rumored relationship for weeks, but they have never confirmed it until now.

“I really like her a lot. … I hope [us dating] happens. “I don’t know,” White said last month on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast from Dear Media. “Our lives depend on each other. There’s so much for us to do together.”

“She’s the coolest, most grounded, and most amazing person you’ll ever meet IRL,” he said. “It’s insane…. She’s great. I really liked her a lot. I’m crazy about her because she’s so f–king cool.”

In “Tell Me Lies,” Stephen, played by White and Lucy, played by Van Patten, get into a very bad relationship that includes gaslighting, manipulation, and cheating while they are in college. In the Season 1 finale of the Hulu drama, it was shown that Stephen had gotten engaged to Lucy’s best friend from childhood, Lydia (Natalee Linez).

“Van Patten is only 25, but she runs a show like she’s been doing it for the past 30 years. On the podcast, White, whose mother is “Married with Children” actress Katey Sagal, gushed about how consistent, grounded, and “f–king good” she is at what she does.

“I felt like I just followed her lead. Stephen is so intense, so manipulative, and sometimes so crazy that it was hard for me to be that guy. Then they yell, “Cut!” and I have to be myself,” he said. “It was really hard for me. Grace was so good at separating the character from herself.”

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